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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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Which Social Media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Dayre

Which Social Media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Dayre

This is an extension to the first entry I posted on the new-kid-on-the-block social media platform Dayre.

I have never been one to be dabbling with the whole Social Media rage when it all started. I didn’t even have a MySpace account when everyone I knew did back in the day. I did however have a Friendster account because I was curious about it, but my interest dwindled off within months.

I didn’t even bother creating a Facebook account when everyone I knew pretty much migrated across from Friendster. My personal facebook account was only created when I moved to live and work in Scotland as a means to keep in touch and update events with my close friends and family.

It wasn’t until I started blogging that I felt pressured to dip into the world of social media. I don’t really know what this post will be all about; I guess I just felt the need to ramble a little (mid-week syndrome).



Back in 2011 when I first started my blog, I noticed that a lot of fellow bloggers also had Twitter accounts. Since I was a newbie back then, I just created an account and started following almost everyone I knew, including news, entertainment and celebrity accounts.

I liked the updates from the entertainment news twitter accounts because they kept me sane during the day at work whenever I had small gaps of free time. It was interesting to read about updates from bloggers as well. It’s a little “stalker-ish” but I guess that’s the whole point of Twitter? (Or so I thought at that time). What I didn’t like was that I had to scroll through 20 updates before finding one that interests me.

Question I kept asking myself was, what would I update on Twitter? As a full-time banker and a retired clubber, my life is pretty mundane and monotonous. How interesting would my updates be? Despite the lack of interesting updates, I still got some followers – most were also my blog readers.

If I had anything interesting to update, I would post a picture. Of course, that doesn’t look pretty on Twitter because it would appear as a link! In addition to not being able to view pictures as-is, I REALLY detested the 140 characters limit. I mean, if I had an emotion that I felt like venting, how would I do that in 140 characters? I just kind of gave up using Twitter apart from linking Instagram pictures and blog post updates.



My Facebook page was partly setup “just because” and as a means to connect with my readers because it’s just easier to do that on Facebook than on Twitter or on the blog through comments. Blog comments do sometimes get lost in the ocean after a while.

I will admit that I haven’t put in any effort in sprucing up my FB page as yet. Currently, it’s only updated with stuff on Instagram and my blog. Part of me sees it as a means to cater to people who do not use Twitter, Instagram or follow my blog on Blog Lovin. Probably need to do more down the road.



I am sure you are no stranger to this iPhone/Android sensation that rose to stardom so quickly that Facebook had to acquire it to maintain their social media monopoly. The most annoying thing that Facebook did to Instagram was the introduction of the “tagging” feature. That was what I hated most about Facebook. I mean, who wants to have unglam photos splattered all over multiple people’s facebook walls, right?

Aside from the tagging, I love almost everything about Instagram. I use it primarily to post beauty related pictures with the occasional random snap. It’s become a ritual for me to check my Instagram the moment I wake up, on the way to work, during toilet breaks, and whenever I have idle time. Yup, it is that addictive!

In fact, Instagram is so versatile that there is a fast-growing community of “insta-bloggers” who specialises in posting tastefully taken pictures with mini-reviews in the caption. This is awesome for bringing awareness to products and expanding the market reach. Sophia has a very in-depth post about the ways that Instagram can potentially be the new blog?


Question is…. Will Instagram replace good old beauty blogs?

My view is…. Nope, I don’t believe it will and I sure hope not.


3 simple reasons:
  1. Instagram as the name suggests – “Insta” = instantaneous impact. A typical Instagram process would be:  View picture, read the caption, “like” it, leave a comment and it’s done. It is great for creating awareness and interest, but that’s pretty much it. Personally, if a picture featuring a product looks interesting, I will still google and read reviews on blogs before deciding on a purchase. In short, instant view, instant like, instant hype.
  2. Even though there is no character limitation in Instagram, it can be very difficult to read a detailed review from the caption especially when it doesn’t allow for paragraphing or photo-inserts and such, unless you type everything in Notes and then paste it onto Instagram.
  3. Picture size is an issue. It is way too small. 80-90% of Instagram pictures are static, which means there is only so much you can feature in that one picture. Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m researching foundation reviews, I would ideally like to be able to scrutinise close-up shots of the foundation on the skin to determine if it’s good or bad :p

Bottom-line is… It’s an awesome platform to create brand/product awareness and documenting live events with instantaneous snaps but it will not be my platform of choice if I wanted to search for a review on a particular product.



Recently, a new social media joined the sea of social mobile platforms. It’s free to download from the App store. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to!! Whoever created this is genius! He must have been thwarted by the limitations of each of the other major social platforms and decided to create an all-in-one!

It is a very nifty little app that functions like Twitter + Facebook + Instagram + Blog all in one. The best part is, everything is chronologically displayed so that it appears like a daily blog post/diary entry.

Every entry has a 500 character limit, but you can post multiple “notes” if you need to write more, and they will appear in the right order, unlike Twitter!

I only started using this a couple days ago and I am already hooked! It is awesome for documenting casual events throughout the day without spamming your followers’ feeds because feeds are displayed by person and not individual update. As such, I don’t feel pressured to ensure everything is nicely crafted and grammatically perfect. I can almost see it as an inventory of photos that are not suitable for IG because I like to reserve that for beauty related pictures only (as far as possible)

Again, will Dayre be able to replace a blog? My view is still no, because it is a mobile platform and there is no real way to search for articles apart from #hashtags. Let’s face it, not everyone uses hashtags and even if the ones that do, don’t often use it the right way.

Correction: I just realised that Dayre can be viewed online via And it does kind of look like a blog but with very basic features. However, you can only post using the mobile apps, so naturally, there will be some limitations. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.59.23 pm


Here’s how I will use my social media?

Twitter and Facebook – primarily used to create awareness to blog updates. Largely beauty related.

Instagram – mainly beauty related, with the occasional random picture of food, friends and things I love.

Dayre – this will be my daily journal, capturing moments worth penning down. Beauty being a large part of my life will also be featured here from time-to-time, but these will be mainly first impressions as opposed to a full-fledged review. I would like to be able to update casually on-the-go and get to interact with my readers or just anyone from my other social media platforms. Follow me @sheshopsmakeup if you are also on Dayre.

Instagram and Dayre will be my most-used social media platforms for now. 🙂

What are your thoughts on these social media platforms? Do you think they would eventually replace traditional blogs?

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