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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils – Must Have!

THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils – Must Have!

I was first introduced to THREE eyeliner pencils by Sophia (her swatches here). For some reason, I never checked them out when I was in Japan. But after swatching the pencils in person (Sophia’s), and seeing how well the swatch lasted on the back of my hand, I was sold!! You see… I need heavy-duty non-smudging eyeliners for my ridiculously oily eyelids. Eliza was kind enough to grab 3 of the THREE eyeliner pencils for me while she was in Bangkok.




There are a total of 8 colours in the collection. I picked up 3 of which I thought would be more wearable to work.



Each eyeliner pencil comes with a firm smudger tip for smudging out the eyeliner. The smudger is kind of solid rubber, and tapered at one end, making it so easy to use for precision smudging. Because this is a pretty pricey eyeliner pencil (approximately $50 each), I try not to sharpen it too much. But of course, how is it possible to create a winged liner without a sharp precise tip? This is where the smudger tip comes in handy for “pulling” out the wing of the eyeliner.


04 EYE BELONG – A bright purplish blue with pink, silver and blue flecks.

I mega love this colour!!! Most blue eyeliners tend to show up as dark blue-black on the eyes which totally defeats the purpose of wearing a blue eyeliner. This one shows up on the eyes as beautifully as the swatches. The shimmer flecks actually help prevent the blue from looking too dark and dull. I will follow up in a later post with an eye look for this eyeliner.


05 EYE ROCK – A charcoal black with micro gold, blue, red and green flecks.

This is very much like black-gold when swatched and wears beautifully with all kinds of eye makeup – from smokey eye to just a simple light wash of colour on the eyelids. My only issue with this particular colour is that there are a little too many flecks which tend to fall into my eyes and irritate my contact lens. I guess that’s because I was too lazy to use a matte eyeliner pencil for my waterline and just used this instead.

PS: Eyeliner with glitter or flakes are not recommended for waterline.


07 EYE DOLL – Cool khaki brown with micro pink and gold flecks.

I originally thought I would use this as an eyeshadow base or just on the lower eyelid, but I have been using this as a regular eyeliner and it works wonderfully. This colour is very unique and can look very different depending on the angle and where the light hits the eye.




Here’s one of the ways I love wearing this eyeliner in 05 Eye Rock – as a smokey eyeliner rather than a precise winged liner.






Isn’t it gorgeous?!! It is a very simple look to create.

  • Apply a light wash of eyeshadow all over the eyelid – here, I’m using the Hourglass Ambient Powder in Radiant Light because the key of this look is the eyeliner and I wanted to keep the rest of the eyes clean.
  • First, draw a thin line on the upper eyelid, tapering towards the outer corners of the eyes, this does not have to be very neat because you are going to smudge and smoke it out.
  • Next use a pencil brush or the smudger tip to smudge out the eyeliner. Because this eyeliner is very soft and easy to apply, smudging is also a breeze. There’s a window of about 30 seconds to smudge before it sets.
  • Once the eyeliner sets, it will not budge!
  • Tightline and line the waterline.
  • Smudge out the lower eyelid and you are done!


Overall Thoughts:

This is my holy grail eyeliner! The other eyeliner that comes close to these are the Solone Smolder Eyeliner Pencils from Taiwan.

In terms of texture, I would say Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencils are the closest as they are both very soft and easy to apply onto the eyelids without tugging. However, UD pencils do smudge quite a bit on me if I don’t set with eyeshadow. These ones stay put for at least 6-8 hours before it starts losing the battle to my oily lids and smudging a little. Despite the price, I think I need more of these pencils and will definitely get more in time to come.


THREE is available in Japan and Thailand. So if you are traveling to these countries, be sure to check them out!

Check out SoLonelyInGorgeous for more beautiful swatches.

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Must Have

If you have oily eyelids or love wearing very simple eye looks but want to play it up with a soft pencil eyeliner, this is what you need!

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