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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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The Body Shop Winter Trend

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a fantabulous start to 2013 and it will continue to get better as the days go by. 

As some of you might know, I have been away quite a bit the last month. Was in HK for a business trip, then back in Singapore for a week before I jetted away to Japan for Christmas and New Years. Now that I’m back, gonna start clearing my obscene stack of backlog. 

So anyway, I was invited to a Body Shop event back in November when the Winter Trend Collection of cosmetics was first launched. I believe the line is still sold in stores today so I guess I’m not too late! 

The line included 2 eyeshadow palettes, 4 lipsticks, 4 metallic eye definer pencils, the sparkler and dazzing rocks.

4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette ($39.90)

The 2 eyeshadow quad palettes in the collection are perfect for both yellow and pink undertones. Each palette comes in a nice hardy box and 2 brushes made of the same soft synthetic bristles found on all The Body Shop brushes. 

COPPER – This palette is made up of 3 warm shimmery shades and a white shimmery highlight shade. It’s a perfect palette for those with yellow undertones or those that like to wear light neutral looks on a daily basis. 

MOONSTONE – This palette is one that I adore because it is made up of cooler shades. Most importantly, it’s got taupe colors that are so easy to slap on as a single color shadow or transition color which makes it very versatile. 

During the event, celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo from showed us how to transform from a day to night look using this palette. Not sure if it was because I went to the event after work when my eyelids either got oily or due to the absence of eye primer, the colors didn’t seem to stand out as much as I would have liked them to. Perhaps I need to play with this palette a little more. Will do a LOTD with this soon! 

One of the standout products were the Dazzling Rocks and it’s Slanted Kabuki Brush. This is a terrific tub of shimmering copper and gold beads which give an irresistible radiance to cheeks, temples and decolletage. The shimmer is so subtle that you can actually use this as both a bronzer and highlighter depending on where you dip your brush. 

Copper Brown and Golden Brown are used to accentuate the eyes while Pure Gold and Moonstone are used to line the waterline and inner tear duct to brighten the eyes to make them appear bigger. These pencils are ultra soft and really easy to blend. 

COLOURGLIDE SHINE Lipsticks ($22.90)
Every fall and winter, the cosmetics trend has always been bold, bright and beautiful. As part of this collection, 4 lipsticks were introduced – Ruby Sparkle, Copper Mine, Rare Coral and Rose Quartz. These sheer lipsticks provide a dewy wash of glimmering colour to the lips, keeping it looking healthy and kissable. 

And finally, the sparkler! This is by far my favourite product of the entire collection. It comes in a gorgeous boudoir-chic atomiser where you can simply spritz to release fine, iridescent sparkle dust which can be used to highlight the face, body and hair. It comes in 2 colors – Enchanting Gold and Dazzling Copper. 

More pictures from the event.

With the beautiful Meryl from

Finally, here’s a basket of goodies from The Body Shop. I was so shocked at the generosity! 

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