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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Talika Lipocils Expert: My Journey Begins…

There’s been so much hype about the Talika Lipocils, with it’s 60 years of French formulation to enhance growth of lashes. During my last trip to Sephora in 2010, I decided to give this product a shot. Hefty price to pay at SGD89. But I guess it’s one of those things that you have to try it for yourself to know if it works. It’s a gamble I had to take.

Talika recently released a new formulation to Lipocils – The Lipocils Expert. Clinical tests showed a clear improvement in the appearance of the lashes length (+36%), color (+50%), and curl (+50%). I wonder if it will live up to it’s promise.

It’s also said to not only increase the length, color and curl but also stimulate growth of new lashes. This was what was told to me by the SA at Sephora.

I have really pathetically short lashes. They’re not sparse, just lack the length. Judge for yourself from the pictures below. Pardon the bare face! Just too lazy to put on make-up for these pics. Wanted to be as natural as possible so you can have a true view of the lashes.

Well? Don’t you think my lashes do need help? LOL

Gonna start using it from tomorrow 26th January and I’ll update again a month later with pictures so that we can see for sure if this product really works. I sure hope the Talika Lipocils Expert is my answer to beautiful thick and long lashes without having to wear falsies to look amazing!

Okie dokey.. Sleepy time.. Nites!

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