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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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So where have I been?

So where have I been?

Hello friends, I am one of the world’s biggest procrastinator. This post has been ringing in my head since several months back but I never really got to penning it down. So here goes..


Why have you not been blogging as much?

First up, I have been traveling quite a fair bit of late – Bangkok, Maldives, Bangkok and Melbourne next week. So really, life takes priority since this blog was started purely as a hobby to share products that I’ve tried, tested and love.

Secondly, I also recently got seriously acquainted with Yoga and if you follow me on Instagram, you would notice quite a number of yoga pictures popping up here and there. Juggling between work, yoga (4-5 days a week) and sleep just leaves me with very little time to blog. Yes blogging does take up time. I wouldn’t want to just put up a half-hearted post just for the sake of.


Is that all? Come on, spill the beans…

Of course there’s more.. so much more to this.

Let’s rewind back to when I first started this blog back in 2011. Back then, my inspirations for blogging came primarily from the veteran bloggers in Singapore – Sophia (makeup_blogette), Sara (icyabstract) and Sarah (facesbysarah).These girls were the ones who I looked up to and produced fabulous content day after day. They are by far the greatest gifts I received for joining the blogging community because I found real friendships in each and everyone of them.

Back then, blogging was truly a healthy past time where we got to share products we have personally loved, tried and tested. There were events that we would go to and laughs shared. Every post churned out from these bloggers were informative and very often leave you intrigued to check out the products featured.

Fast forward a few years, perhaps sometime in 2013-2014 when Instagram became the “go-to” social media platform, a whole host of bloggers or rather “beauty instagrammers” started popping up out of no where. Some were talented, some were wannabes, others, just plain copy-cats. When I say talented, I meant in photography – they make simple looking beauty products look pretty, when laid next to flowers and props – thus giving rise to #flatlays that we see so much of today. Well, I will admit, some of these do look very professionally displayed and shot. Others, not that much. After a while, everytime I scroll through Instagram, I see the same type of images – flatlays with flowers and props, clean backgrounds, fresh newly opened makeup but with captions of how much these are being loved.. like SERIOUSLY? How do you even love a makeup so much if you haven’t even used them? Do we really enjoy seeing these pictures and be swooned over how awesome a product really is?

Bottomline is… it soon became a pretty pictures game where people get famous for posting gorgeous pictures. (I risk sounding like a jealous kitten here, but I’m really not, I’m simply pointing out how I truly feel) Don’t mind me, that’s the whole point of Instagram isn’t it? To post pretty pictures and get ‘likes’. However, if you put this into the context of Beauty Blogging, I’d say it’s pretty superficial because some of these people aren’t even capable of using these products properly. This is after them publicly declaring their love for them. How is this a selling point to a customer who wants to know more about the effects of a product?

What’s worse is when you finally meet the people behind those pretty pictures and all you can do is “omg omg omg”. It’s hard to fathom the possibility of (1) lack of style/skin/makeup in real life and (2) pretty pictures on Instagram co-existing in one person. While I guess this is what you call “Behind the scenes”. It’s new-age photoshop on a whole new level, I kid you not!

Boy.. I’m rambling… So ya, I really see no point in sharing a picture “just because” and thus, the things I do post are things I do use and love, therefore, there are less posts these days. I can’t be using 50 different products with different shades of pink in one day, can I? Unless, I’m going for a costume party where I’m dressed up as a cotton candy (pun totally intended). To be honest, sometimes, it’s just a little disheartening to see how much more influence a pretty picture has over a full fledged blog post. This is one of the main reasons why I just haven’t been inspired to blog of late.


So, what now? Are you still going to continue blogging?

Of course! I love sharing. I think this is a good outlet to journal my life, be it in beauty or yoga. In fact, I’m thinking of incorporating Yoga into this blog but not quite sure if I should. Or should I start a fresh new blog to talk about Yoga? I’ve recently signed up for a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course which will start on 12th Sept. I think that would be quite interesting. I’ve not had a simple ride with Yoga thus far and I do want to try and share some of my struggles and inspire more people to take the leap because Yoga really helps in more ways than you think.

Tell you what, let’s take a poll here about what I should do with my blog and my new found passion for Yoga..


  1. Soviana

    Hi Mabel,
    I stumbled upon your blog (I was looking for information on Laduree blush on you tube and found your video), after reading some articles I find that the things you write are very interesting, I hope that despite your personal commitments will have more time to blog.
    Greetings from Italy

    • Mabel

      Hi Soviana, Thanks for popping by. Really appreciate your kind words, I will definitely try and blog as much as I can, especially on weekends. Have a lovely day!

  2. miaka

    Hi Mabel, this post is wonderfully written and I appreciate genuine posts and reviews written by both you and Sophia. I have had countless good products after reading your reviews and really appreciate bloggers like yourself who took the time and effort to try, write and share these products with us. 🙂

  3. Dear Mabel,

    I’m a (silent lol) reader and follower of your blog/IG, waaaaay back you started your blog — I also follow your friend makeup_blogette and I USED to follow a whole bunch of pretty instagrammers from SG but months ago, I started to notice that my feed looked “too nice to be true, so fake it’s annoying” and it somewhat bothered me? I’m not even a blogger or post anything beauty related on my IG but I like to follow on IG descent and true bloggers . As of late, I unfollowed so many IG users and bloggers on my bloglovin’ feed because I don’t get anything from them? Ok, the pictures are amazing, it’s like having commercials on your phone nonstop, but it’s bothering me so much. Like, people don’t have anything else to do, besides decorating products they just take pictures of then store it in their cupboards? hmmmm.. I’m happy you and makeup blogette opened this topic (I didn’t even have the guts to comment on her post) because I thought I was the weird one unfollowing “those” people :)) to make it short, they’re annoying. I like bloggers who I can learn from, and I prefer those bloggers who have lives besides their blog/too pretty IG. so I’m still cleaning my feed, and I think I have already unfollowed 50% of people I used to follow on IG, and the list goes on! hahaha, I need positive people and people I can look up to. Those who don’t need pretty flowers just to post a picture, lol. Have a good day ahead of you!

    -sarahxkris (Brussels, BE)

    • Mabel

      Hey Sarah!! I recognise your nick 😉 Thanks for your sincere and sweet comment! I really resonate with the part about commercials on the phone! So damn right 🙂 I’m glad you appreciate posts like that, this is a first for me, so your comment is very encouraging and it confirms the fact that there are genuine people out there who want to know about real products and people and not just pretty pictures 🙂 Thank you, truly! -hugs, Mabel

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