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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Skincare Empties – Repurchase Worthy

Skincare Empties – Repurchase Worthy

Hi there!


This is one post that I have been wanting to do for a while so that I can throw out these empty bottles that I keep in a corner of my wardrobe.



1. Big Sexy Hair Spray

I purchased this in Melbourne last year after watching so many Youtubers rave about it and it was really good! When people say “a little goes a long way”, this is what they are referring to! Seriously, you need the smallest amount of this to make your hair stay in place without feeling crispy and stiff. I have another backup bottle in my “backup drawer”. If you ever see this product, grab it!



2. Bioderma

Micellar water is all the rage and rightly so. Bioderma used to be so inaccessible here in Singapore but I’m so glad Watsons brought it in. Eversince I tried it 2 years back, I never looked back. It is the first step to my makeup removing process. Read how I incorporate it into my routine here. Personally, I find that there’s very little difference between Hydrabio and Sensibio, and they don’t irritate my eyes at all, so that’s awesome!

I am definitely going to pick up the Biore Micellar water which has been often compared to this as a more inexpensive alternative. I can’t wait to pick that up soon.

Have repurchased many times!


3. Caudalie Divine Scrub

Oh boy.. what can I say about this, except that it is just divine! It is quite a gentle scrub with the same gorgeous scent as the Caudalie Divine Oil. I would say this is one moisturising scrub which you can get away without moisturiser after showering.

Repurchase worthy!


4. Loccitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil

Ever since I started using this several months back, I have been using this religiously whenever I am in the shower. It is the most moisturising shower oil ever! I personally think it cleanses really well, and a little goes a long way. The oil turns a little warm when activated with water, which is really nice. The scent is beautiful and it lingers on your skin for several good hours. This is however quite an expensive shower product, a small 250ml bottle goes for about $45. But, it’s only $28 at DFS at the airport! So be sure to stock up everytime you travel.

Multiple repurchase required!


5. Balance Me Cleansing Balm

I’ve loved the brand Balance Me for a while, it was all the rage when I was living in the UK. This cleansing balm smells divine and is very soothing. It removes makeup effectively and leaves the skin feeling very hydrated and smooth. My only gripe about this is that you need to clean off the balm with a damp and warm muslin cloth. You can’t just rinse off the balm with water because it is thick and oily and tends to leave behind a layer on the skin. I have used 2 tubes of this so far.

Will not be repurchasing because I have found other better cleansing balms.


6. Biore Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

This is my favourite eye makeup remover! It is inexpensive and very effective in removing stubborn waterproof eye makeup. I think I have talked about this many times on my blog. You need to try this!

Repurchase Worthy Over and Over again!


7. Biotherm Lift Plankton Essence

This is my skincare routine essential! It keeps my skin hydrated all day. So much so that I feel like my skin gets thirsty without this. I can’t rave enough about this. For more, check out this post on how I incorporate it into my skincare routine.

Repurchase worthy!


8. Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Eye Cream

I’m usually very fussy with products I put on my eyes because the skin in that area is so sensitive. Too oily and moisturising, and I get milia seeds. Too little hydrating properties and I get unwanted lines creeping out from under the eyes. This eye cream had a gel consistency and was very hydrating but not oily. It was a fabulous day time eye cream to use under concealer. I have recently switched to a new eye care routine which seems to be working really well, so I wouldn’t be repurchasing just yet. Although I would recommend you check this one out.


Thanks for reading!



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