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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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Skincare Empties #4

Skincare Empties #4

Hello there! Before you start to wonder why it’s #4, this is the fourth instalment of my diary of empties over the years. I probably have more but bottles were thrown out before I could even get a post like this out. PS: I am so happy I’m doing this post because it means I can finally throw out all these bottles and make space for new stuff!!!

If you are interested, here are the previous 3 posts:

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Thought I would share this post because there are some repeats (clearly these are big loves of mine) and some new contenders which are definitely repurchase worthy 😉 Less rambling.. so let’s start!



Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil

I always do 2 step cleansing especially in the evenings to remove all my make up and step 1 is usually an oil or micellar water. I was using micellar water for a while and when Bioderma ran out, I thought I would switch back to a cleansing oil and this Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil totally did it for me. It reminded me of why I used to like Cleansing Oil so much. It removes makeup effectively, minus waterproof mascara which I typically use a separate eye makeup remover. The Cleansing Oil does not strip the skin dry, in fact it leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft after each wash.


SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

This is a facial toner, not to be confused with the Facial Treatment Essence. I don’t really have much to say about this other then the fact that it smells pleasant and is very refreshing. I suppose the thick frosted glass bottle tends to keep the lotion cold, somehow?


Albion Skin Conditioner

This is a skin softener/toner which I have been loving for a while now. I think I must have used up about 4 bottles now, and there’s a brand new one in my refrigerator waiting to be picked as the next new addition to my routine. I have a full review here. This is one that is definitely worth buying, keeping and using. Last month, for some reason I had a reaction to a new skincare I was testing and there were little bumps around my nose. I soaked a cotton pad with the Skin Conditioner, let it sit on the area for 10 minutes and viola, next day the bumps were gone. It works to soothe the skin of irritations as well, at least for me 🙂




Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance

This is like a lifting serum which I apply along my jawline. The BA at the counter was raving about this, so I thought I would give it a shot. I like the creamy lotion type texture of this and how quickly it absorbs into the skin, but if I’ll be honest, I didn’t really see much of a difference in my jawline. I think the best V-line type serum has still got to be the one from Clarins. This is kind of a miss for me.


Albion Eclafutur

This is one of Albion’s latest creation and is a star product in Japan, alongside the Skin Conditioner. It’s meant to help combat ageing of the skin and bring back radiance. I use this as one of my 2 serums in my daily skincare routine. I like the formula, it’s a serum that is semi-translucent but not gel-like in texture so it absorbs really well into the skin. Absorption is very important to me, especially in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work. In terms of it’s efficacy to bring radiance and prevent ageing, I guess it works pretty well because I did notice my skin looking brighter than usual.



Shiseido Ultimune

I love this serum, it’s like a war suit that I wear on my face everyday. It is one that works to penetrate deep into the skin and boost the skin’s immunity while increasing it’s efficacy to absorb skincare nutrients. I have got a full review here. Ok, one thing I would say about this is that there is no way to get that last bit of the serum out. I only noticed that there seems to be still some product left when I took this pic in the sun. Argh!!!


La Mer – The Regenerating Serum

I got this serum a while back when I stocked up on my Creme De La Mer. This is an anti-ageing serum which claims to stimulate and increase collagen production. Since I’ve only got a 15ml bottle, I used it pretty sparingly so it was difficult to tell if it worked as it claims. I have read rave reviews about this though, so perhaps, one day I might pick up a full size to try.


Shiseido White Lucent – Spot Targeting Serum

This is one AWESOME serum, at least according to my mom and the results I saw on her skin. Her age spots and sun spots significantly lightened after using a bottle of this so I tend to stock this up for her whenever I get the chance to. I have used up a full sized but picked up these travel sized ones during the last Shiseido sale. I don’t think I have that many spots yet but this acts as a shield to prevent more from forming.



Lancome UV Expert SPF 50+++

I LOVE this sunscreen. It’s quite creamy but doesn’t have the typical sunscreen scent which I really detest. I have used this in the most extreme sun situations – aka Maldives and my face was well protected – no burns, drying, new sun spots. Some people might find the formula a little thick for daily use but I think it’s fine, just have to leave on longer before applying makeup.


Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youth Infusing Eye Concentrate

I seem to have this tendency to double up every step of my skincare routine, from cleansing, toning, serums and even my eye routine. I use this as step 1 of my eye routine and then follow up with an eye cream. The formula of this is very light and fast absorbing, making it awesome under the eyes.


I seem to have used up a bunch of facial toners or skin softener/conditioner in Japanese skincare terms. I suppose it’s largely because I feel that the Japanese make skincare better for Asian skin, or at least for the Asian climate. It doesn’t really mean they are better, but it’s just my preference 🙂

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Monna

    Hi dear.. It is bice post. I am confused about choosing albion and shiseido.
    I plan to try shiseido ultimune, I am so interested about that product., but I am using albion eclafutur right now. I did some research on internet and it said shiseido ultimune is a pre-serum, which meant it is same as eclafutur. And plan to buy a serum from other brand. So what I wanna ask is, how did you use them?What did you use first? Is it okay you are using 2 kinds of pre-serums?
    Thank you 🙂

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