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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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Review: Nails Inc – Magnetic Nails + Swatch

About 6 months back, magnetic nails became a buzz around the beauty community. Of course, I jumped onto the bandwagon and got myself 2 bottles of Nails Inc Magnetic nail polish from Watsons. See my previous nail haul here. Since then, magnetic nails have been popping up all over the place. Even Watsons which previously only stocked up 3 colors from Nails Inc, now has an array of 6 colors. China Glaze also have a range of magnetic nail polish along with magnetic stencils to create different designs. Even manicure parlours now offer magnetic nail polish for a premium fee!

So what are magnetic nail polish and why are they so special?

This is a specially formulated nail polish filled with iron powder that gravitates towards the magnet to create a design. In the case of Nails Inc, the magnet is encased in the cap of the nail polish. All you have to do is to place the magnetic cap over your wet nails and watch the magic begin to liven up your nails with sophisticated swirls.

I have chosen the color Houses of Parliament as my color of the week. It is a gorgeous mysterious purple.

I had to redo my nails several times before settling for what I presume to be the best method of getting even outstanding swirls.

Here’s what to do to get the beautiful magnetic design encrusted on your nails:

1. Start with clean nails and a base coat. Any base coat will do.

2. Apply a thin even coat of Nails Inc nail polish onto your nails. Let it dry completely without using the magnet.

3. Apply a thick even coat. (I only discovered this method after trial and error.)

4. Immediately after applying the thick coat of nail polish, place the magnetic cap over your nail, using the half moon shaped rest to sit over your cuticle for about 10 seconds. Remember to slowly turn your finger under the magnet from side to side. This will ensure that your swirls are created from one side of the nail to the other and not only concentrated in the middle.

5. Finish off with your favourite top coat and you are done. Effortlessly decorated nails!

I love it. The formula is easy to work with and I get unique looking nails in the same amount of time as I would have spent with regular nail polish.

Have you tried magnetic nail polish? Which is your favourite?

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