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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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Review: Make-Up For Ever Aqua Eye Pencil

I started using eyeliner about 4 years back and at that time, I was only into lining my upper eyelid with gel liner because I felt that lining the bottom eyelid might be a bit much. So I started with Bobby Brown’s Gel liner and eventually ventured into using liquid eyeliners. Over time, I decided that lining only my upper eyelids seemed incomplete so I sourced around for an eye pencil that could effectively line my bottom water line.

After trying out tons of eye pencils, including a few MAC ones, I found the MUFE Aqua Eye Pencil which I thought was perfect as it was waterproof and seemed to stay smudge free throughout the day. I thought this eyeliner was great as it could effectively line my often teary waterline without much effort.

Halfway through my first MUFE eye pencil, the color seemed to stop being smooth. I had to wipe the pencil with a tissue every now and then to get rid of any powder or liquid that might have formed a barrier preventing the color from gliding onto my eyes. Though this was an extra step, I still continued to use this eye pencil because I really thought this was the best of it’s kind around.

BUT that ungrateful black stick continued to underperform and even became “deformed”!! I think I mentioned this in one of my videos. The pencil lead got detached from the whole pencil. As such, I could no longer sharpen the pencil and when I tried to do so, the lead broke down further in half. I had no choice but to trash that half-used eye pencil.


Thank goodness I found a new BETTER substitute – The Urban Decay Glide-On 24/7 in Zero. This is THE BEST EYELINER you will ever need for lining your waterline. Glides on like a dream without the slightest bit of struggle to give your eyes a little splash of color!

Okie dokey.. time for bed.. More posts and videos over the weekend!

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