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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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REVIEW: Loveybelle Brushes

REVIEW: Loveybelle Brushes

Hi there!!

Being a brush-a-holic, I was thrilled when the lovely ladies from LoveyBelle contacted me about trying out their signature set of brushes. What excited me more was the fact that these brushes were homegrown – yes, from little island of Singapore! In this post, I will give you a closer look at the brushes and share my thoughts on them. In the next post, I will show you how they work in a LOTD 🙂 The post is up.. check it out here.




I received the Eclipse set of 12 brushes which came complete with a zip-around faux leather case. The set consists of 10 single brushes and 2 duo brushes with varying hair types:

  1. Tapered Face Brush- Natural & Synthetic Hair
  2. Powder Brush-  Taklon Hair
  3. Angled Brush- Taklon Hair
  4. Foundation / concealer – High Quality Synthetic Hair
  5. Angled Foundation Brush- High  Quality Synthetic Hair
  6. Buffer Brush – Taklon Hair
  7. Tapered Eye Blending Brush –  Taklon Hair
  8. Dual Eye Brush – Natural Hair
  9. Contour Brush – Taklon Hair
  10. Flat Eye Shadow Brush – Natural Hair
  11. Angled liner Brush – Synthetic Hair
  12. Lip Stick Brush – Synthetic Hair






My favourite brushes from the set are the ones with Taklon Hair. These bristles are so soft and fluffy, it’s the same bristles used in some Sigma and Real Techniques brushes. I really enjoy using the flat top buffer brush as well as the angled brush especially for bronzing.





Here’s a quick comparison with some of my favourite buffing brushes from Sigma and Urban Decay. As you can see from the pictures above, the Loveybelle buffing brush is significantly bigger and has a far broader base and more loosely packed bristles which makes the brush really soft and awesome for buffing in powder foundation. I have yet to try this with liquid foundation, but I suppose it would work really well too. The arrival of this brush is so timely because my all-time favourite foundation brush, the Sigma F80 is falling apart and on it’s final stretch to retirement.



The angled foundation brush was quite a disappointment. It is made with synthetic bristles which are nothing like the taklon hair. They are very stiff and have quite a high resistance, which made foundation application very streaky.





The eye brushes are pretty nice and are made of pretty good quality natural and taklon hair. The tapered blending brush is slightly smaller than the MAC224 but are quite comparable in quality. It can be a little prickly to use especially when you are used to soft natural hair from Hakuhodo brushes, otherwise, it works just fine as a blending brush.




I have a brush just like that which I bought from Bangkok years ago. It doesn’t have any particular brand but it’s got a beautiful dome shape tip which makes it perfect for contouring and blending around the eyes. This one from Loveybelle is of the perfect size and shape. Love!


Overall, the set of brushes are pretty lovely and definitely one to consider if you are looking for a set of brushes, fit for a full face makeup 😉


This set is available from for $118. Individual brushes are also available for sale. Do check out their website for more brushes. Support local! 🙂
Stay tuned to the next post where I show you how I use these brushes.

Thanks for reading.


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