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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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REVIEW: Lancôme Le Sourcil Pro Eyebrow Pencil

REVIEW: Lancôme Le Sourcil Pro Eyebrow Pencil

Hello there!

Have you even had days when you just don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup? I seem to have one too many of such days of late. Work’s been pretty hectic, and my personal life is also filled with errands, both week days and weekends! As a result, if you ever bump into me on the weekends, I’m most likely to be pretty bare-face. Well, not all that bare because I would still have some basic necessities on – BB/CC Cream + Concealer + Brows!


Yup! I really need to fill in my brows, it was never the case when I was younger but due to massive over-plucking (back in the 90’s and 2000’s, it was trendy to have thin brows), my brows seem to be filled with gaps. Sigh.. And I don’t know why they are not growing back! What else can I do but fill them in to look even 😉 Oh! One more reason why I need to draw my brows is because I like lightening the brow hair so without some shading in, they look pretty bare and untidy.




Lancôme released a new duo-brow pencil a couple months back. This brand new double-ended pencil guarantees a natural brow-line thanks to its coloured tip which delicately redefines the body of the brow, while its highlighter tip enhances and beautifies the arch. 

This brow pencil comes in 4 colours:

  • 010 Blond – Light golden brown pencil that’s suited for blondes
  • 020 Chatain – Light brown that has a hint of ash
  • 030 Brun – Medium brown colour suited for brunettes
  • 040 Noir – Dark brown that’s perfect for those with dark or black hair






I have here the colour 020 Chatain which is perfect with my hair colour. The highlighter shade is the same on all 4 brow pencils. The brow colour side has good pigmentation and slightly waxy which is great for those who need additional control for their brow hairs to tame them in place. The highlight shade (I LOVE) is creamier in texture and works well as an under brow highlight. You can also use this to further define your brow shape.





As you can see from the picture above, my natural brow is pretty uneven and has some gaps in between. I’m not a fan of brows that look very drawn on, I prefer ones that take the shape of my brow but look neater and fuller. I really love this brow pencil colour, it’s the perfect light ash brown for me, a colour that’s very hard to get right.


Everyone does their brows differently, below are the steps I take to fill in my brows so that they look as natural as possible.

How I fill in my brows:

  1. Start with small strokes around the middle and arch of the brow. I tend to start here and work my way to fill in the arch and tail of the brow.
  2. Next, with small strokes, draw in the baseline of the brow, moving towards the front.
  3. Then lightly draw in the top line of the brow
  4. At this point, I like to brows through my brows to soften the top and base lines, by doing so, I would know how much more I need to fill in throughout the brows because brushing also disperses the colour throughout the brows.
  5. Fill in any bald spots, brush through and voila!
  6. Now, to add some highlight and define the brows, I would use the highlighter end of the pencil and trace along the bottom arch of the brow and then blend in with a brush or fingers.





Overall Thoughts:

On the whole, it is a pretty decent brow pencil and has a nice ash brown colour. However, it is a tat too waxy for my brows because I have way too many gaps and sometimes, the wax can make the brow hairs stick together, which in turn makes the gaps look even more prominent! That can be fixed though it takes a little more time to slowly brush out the the hairs and spread them evenly.

Oh! I don’t really like that it’s a fat pencil, it is a little more awkward to hold and fill in the brow and creates the illusion of having to use more pressure unconsciously because the pencil is so thick.

If you have brows that are fairly even and just need some colour to make them appear neater, then this pencil is definitely a good choice for you.


Here’s a quick LOTD and products used in my look.





Hope this has been helpful for you!




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