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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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Reduce Puffiness & Under-eye Circles


Hey gorgeous!

There are more and more companies out there launching eye gels with a roll-on tip. This roll-on tip can also double-up as an eye massaging tool. The above video features a quick tutorial of how to effectively use one of such eye gels. I am using the Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection in the video.

I remember the first such similar product I purchased (2-3years back) with sort of a massager was the La Mer Eye Concentrate.

It was sort of like an eye serum. The applicator was a pretty heavy and solid ball bearing. I was told that I should use that to massage and apply the concentrate onto the eyes. I think the product was awesome, however it was way too costly and a tad too rich for my skin. I might re-purchase this when I’m older, right now, my main focus should be on hydrating around the eyes. If your eyes are well hydrated, there will be lesser fine lines and hence you will look younger!

Right, back to my main topic.. Roll-ons. So, after La Mer Eye Concentrate, I switched to the Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Eye Gel, which I love to bits! I’ll do a separate review on this. Although I loved my Shu Uemura, I was constantly on the search for a good eye gel with a roll-on tip. You might ask why I didn’t reuse my La Mer applicator……. I lost it!! 🙁

While flipping through the magazines one day, I chanced upon the Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection which received so much rave and positive reviews. Me being a gullible shopper (sometimes), bought a tube to try out myself. Again, I’ll do a detailed review at a later date.

A drugstore roll-on eye gel that had received really good reviews is the Garnier Eye Roll-On. I have not personally tried it, but do pick it up if you want an alternative to Biotherm or simply want it for the applicator.


One of the things I liked about the Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection was the 360degree Massager tip. It’s got 3 ball bearings and is so easy to use on the eyes. The only problem with it was that there were no instructions or guidelines on how the massager should be used. I suppose you can simply use it to apply the eye gel with the motion you would with your fingertips. But in order to reap the benefits of that massager tip, you should massage the eyes while applying the gel until they get absorbed.

Here’s the technique that I use. I wouldn’t say it’s the best way to use it, but it’s how I use the product and it works for me.

  1. Squeeze a little product until they cover 1/3 or each ball bearing
  2. Apply the gel around the entire eye, 3 rounds clockwise and 3 rounds anti-clockwise
  3. Next, to promote blood circulation, massage the eye in small circular motions around the entire eye, 3 rounds clockwise and 3 rounds anti-clockwise
  4. Apply pressure just below the highest point of the brow bone. Hold for 3-5 seconds. This is the pressure point that allows you to drain any water retention under the eyes
  5. Swirl the massager along the outer corner of the eyes 3-5 times, in a “C” shape motion. This prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines on the outer corners of the eyes.


VERY IMPORTANT: Keep the massager tip clean! Always use a clean cotton or cloth to wipe the tip after each use.

BONUS TIP: You can always keep the applicator after the gel is used up. It is a fantastic eye massager which can be used with any eye gel/cream.

Hope this was helpful for you! Let me know in your comments below or on my YouTube video where I demonstrate how to use the massager!


  1. She Shops Makeup

    @Runwaytoparis Thanks hun! Hope it was helpful for you 🙂

  2. Runwaytoparis

    This post is a good one! I will definitely use this method from today onwards!
    I learnt something new 🙂

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