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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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NOTD: Pastel Dot Artist Set

Today marks the first day of my week long break from work. I must say, it was awesome! It’s one of the rare occassions where I’m on leave but chose to stay in the country rather than to travel like I normally would. It was such a fruitful day – wondering around Bugis Junction starting with coffee and bagel at Starbucks with no concept of time. No need to rush from place to place. What topped it all for me – the guy at Starbucks was a sweetie to upgrade my Cranberry White Chocolate to grande for free! Of course, this was because they didn’t had my favorite toffee nut sprinkles for the festive Toffee Nut Latte.

So I had breakfast, wondered around the mall and silently slapped myself for not being at BHG yesterday when they had the 20% storewide sale. Sigh.. Anyway, I picked up a bunch of nail stuff today.

As you know, I’m very rarely seen with any nail polish on my fingernails. Mainly because I’m so clumsy and would chip it the moment I leave the manicure bar. I could… go for a cheaper option and to paint my nails myself, but I’m seriously rubbish at it.

Anyway, enough rambling… A couple weeks ago, I bought a set of 5 “Dotting Tool” from GMarket for like $5 or something. And……. Guess what, there’s a Dot Artist Set at BHG selling for only $13.90 and it includes the dotting tool along with 3 mini nail polishes. I had to get it to play around since I have a whole week to practice!

I had a play around with it, pairing it with my Poshe base coat and quick dry top coat. I must say, it was really fun for me, being my first time decorating after a long while. I recalled that I used to use a toothpick to dot flowers onto my nails when I was in Secondary School.

The tool had 2 tips – for creating big and small dots, which is pretty cool! To dot, simply put a drop or 2 of polish onto a piece of non-absorbent paper. However, you have to be quick otherwise the nail polish would thicken up and it will be all gooey when you dot, thus causing feathering lines.

The polish weren’t very opaque so I had to put on 2-3 thick coats in order to achive this color. Then again, it’s only $13.90 for 3 colors plus a dotting tool. Guess I shan’t be complaining…

Here are some pictures of the final result….

What do you think of them? I had problems with my Poshe (now renamed as Best) Top Coat – for some reason it turned really gooey and the consistency didn’t really improve despite mixing in at least 10 drops of thinner.

Do you have the same problem with Poshe Top Coat? How did you get around it?

Thanks for looking!

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