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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Naked 2 Palette Blackout… REBORN!

Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have heard me whine about my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette yesterday morning. If you haven’t seen my tweets and are wondering… what is there really to hate about the Naked 2 Palette? Read on…

Remember when I did my initial review of the palette, one of my complaints was that the palette was pretty plasticky and flimsy. It seemed less sturdy as the original Naked Palette. Well, I proved myself right yesterday morning with my clumsiness!!

As usual, I was getting ready for work in my bathroom and I tried to conveniently balance my Naked 2 Palette on the corner of my square sink. Well, it was probably my fault for not covering the palette before doing that (I never had any issues with the Naked Palette!!!).

So… as you can see from the above picture, it obviously would not balance too well and fell over onto the floor! In fact, when I first opened my palette yesterday morning, I was greeted with an empty slot which should have housed “Pistol”. It apparently came loose on it’s own. Bizarre!

Clearly, my heart dropped! Pistol, YDK and Blackout fell out. Blackout had the biggest reaction to the impact. For some reason, Matte eyeshadows and blushes are less susceptible to impacts.

When I picked up the eyeshadows and temporarily placed them back in the palette and reopened it again, I couldn’t helped but SCREAMED! Blackout had decided to disperse further!! I must admit, a number of expletives escaped my mouth at that point.

I had initially thought… there goes my Blackout. Then I remembered having some rubbing alcohol at home, which might just do the job at mending the eyeshadow. So Operation Blackout commenced….

I should have probably crushed all the eyeshadow before adding alcohol but I was in a hurry to get to work so simply used a needle to lightly smash the rest of the shadow and added some alcohol. I then let the eyeshadow sit on top of my modem which is perpetually hot, to “bake”. About 10 minutes later, I pressed the eyeshadow with an old cotton t-shirt and it’s fixed! Not perfect, but at least it’s no longr flaky!

Instead of using a glue to attach the eyeshadow to it’s “house” in the palette, I used a “3+ Magic Magnetic Strip” which I got from Popular some time back for $7.90. It looks like a double-sided tape but in actual fact, it is a roll of magnetic strip which you can simply tear and attach to both sides of the items you like to attach.



What a dramatic morning, with my heart pumping non-stop, thinking that my Naked 2 Palette was destroyed. Phew….

Be extra careful with your Naked 2 Palette. It is fragile!! 😉

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. She Shops Makeup

    @Tuyet Aww.. thank you so much for the support! 🙂 Yea, I’ll note that down and do a post soon about saving crushed makeup 🙂

  2. greenteawasabi

    wow, that is amazing how you saved & revived that lil’ one.
    would yoou mind showing us step by step (with pics) how it’s done, the alcohol + baking etc. i’m sure alot of us makeuplovers would appreciate it, as this has definitely happened to the best of us!
    thanks in advance.
    p.s.: just discovered your blog today, am a fan already 😉

  3. She Shops Makeup

    @icyabstract Hehe yea.. had to improvise and use the modem since I don’t have an oven at home and didn’t have time to use my flat iron to add heat to dry the alcohol :p

  4. icyabstract

    Whoaaa, so glad you fixed it! And the tip of putting it on the modem to ‘bake’ is so cute and innovative! haha.

  5. She Shops Makeup

    @amyrleex Thanks babe. Haven’t tried Blackout yet though, scully it disperses the moment my brush touches it (touch wood)!! :p

  6. amyrleex

    waah.. my heart breaks for you!! but glad, everything worked out.. 🙂

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