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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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My Journey with Lancôme Power Serum Duo

My Journey with Lancôme Power Serum Duo

Hello there!!

I had originally wanted to do a post on the new Lancôme Grandiose Mascara but alas! Flickr is down and that’s where I store all my blog photos, which means there is no way I can upload any photos to go along with my post.


I’m fully aware that I haven’t been very active on the blog of late. Well, it’s been quite a month since I took on a new role at work. For that, I truly apologise!


Anyway, I’ve recently fully used up the newly formulated Lancôme Genifique as well as Visionnaire serums. These 2 have been touted to work best together and boy, have they changed my impression of Lancôme skincare altogether.


I grew up associating Lancôme as a skincare brand for my mom or more mature women. Thus, I have never really used any of the products, though I did pick up the Lancôme Genifique when it first launched back in 2009. If I’m perfectly honest, it’s performance fell short of my expectations. I had high hopes, given the length of the marketing and hype about it being a youth regenerating serum, one which activates the cells to better absorb subsequent skincare. I think I saw results, but they were not exceptional so I stopped using it after 2 bottles.


Several months back, I was re-introduced to the Lancôme Genifique again, and this time, it was the Advanced formula. Reformulated to bring out the following benefits – Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves the appearance of radiance, clarity, firmness, evenness in skintone and texture.


The Advanced formula has a new bottle design where there is no need to “pump” the dropper, whenever you screw to close the bottle, it automatically picks up the right amount of products ready for use the next time you open the bottle. It’s perfect – no more frustration of picking up too much or too little products. Personally, I really think that the new formula worked much better than the original, I could tell that the texture and quality of my skin improved over time.


The Lancôme Visionnaire is another power serum that I have always wanted to try but never really got to it. In fact, I got my sister to pick up a bottle way back when she had issues with her skin, redness, pores and hormonal breakouts. Visionnaire did wonders to her skin back then, so this definitely raised my expectations when I opened my first bottle to try.


I really love the scent and texture of the Visionnaire. It’s slightly creamier than the Lancôme Genifique but not quite as creamy and tacky as a moisturiser. Absorbs very quickly into the skin and does whatever it’s meant to do – reduction in pores, smooth out uneven skin, all in all, a skin corrector. I noticed that after prolong usage of this serum, my skin appears a lot smoother and less patchy – yes, I do get the odd uneven skintone every so often.


All in all, I am extremely happy with how both serums worked together, definitely a power serum duo that I would repurchase and keep in my routine for a while! Apart from these serums, I do use a whole lot of other skincare for different skin concerns. If you are interested, do check them out!

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Hope this has been helpful. What are some of your favourite serums?



  1. Loved this ramble! Simple but yet makes me want to dig up the duo in my stash and pair them together! I should remember to do that next… haha!

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