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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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My Favourite Highlighter – Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar

My Favourite Highlighter – Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar

Hello friends, today we are going to be discussing my favourite makeup product of all times – highlighter. Highlighters – I have a plenty, but the one that I have been using of late is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. 



Filmstar is a luxury product that not only looks luxe but also comes with a pretty luxury price tag. I believe I got it for about USD95. With that sort of price tag, you would really expect a lot and you’re in luck, because it is worth every dollar!






The packaging just screams luxury, the palette comes with a gold solid looking palette and full sized mirror. The box that comes with is exquisite and unique. I still have my box till today! (found these pictures which I snapped long ago when I first got my Filmstar, thus they look pristine).

The palette comes with 2 shades, one for bronzine and one for highlighting.



The Bronzer is a warm brown shade with micro shimmers that are barely visible when applied.

The Highlighter is a warm champagne gold shade that is pretty intense and really add a pop and gorgeous summer glow to the skin.

Between the 2 shades, I would say, the highlighter is the one that makes this palette “POW WOW”. The texture of the highlighter is creamy, buttery and a little goes a long way. Every time I wear this highlighter, people would comment that my skin glows and it’s really the highlighter that should take credit for it 😉




I love this palette so much I take it with me everytime I travel. It was such a convenient palette because I get to not only bronze and highlight my cheeks but also use the palette for the eyes. 2-in-1! All was good, until the palette decided to die on me. Yup, the highlighter crushed to pieces because I used it so much it was on the verge of hitting pan. I was heartbroken for a while, but I still continued to use it at home. Up until last week when I thought, since the highlighter powder are already crushed, why not depot the loose pieces into a little container and take it with me to Bangkok.

And so I did!




It was the most brilliant idea ever! Now I can travel light and have my favourite highlighter with me all the time. So yea, there you go, next time you have a crushed powder, just depot it into a little container 😉 Oh and yes, I also bought a back-up Filmstar because I can’t get enough of this.

Next highlighter I need to check out is the Becca Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill. What are your favourite highlighters?

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