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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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Mini Spree: Z Palette (Closed)

Hey everyone! So I’ve been lemming over the Z Palettes for a while now and just thought that since I’m currently looking to pack and revamp my walk-in-wardrobe + vanity, I might as well get organized and de-pot some of my eyeshadows and blushes to save space.

Been wanting to check out the Z Palettes like forever! They are so chic and cute; most of all, they are excellent choices for keeping makeup organized.

Zebra Large Palette

Outside 8.06″L x 4.875″W x 0.50″D
Inside 7.43″L x 4.12″W x 0.20″D

Stores up to 28 MAC eyeshadows

Leopard Small Palette

Outside 3.8″L x 3.8″W x 0.50″D
Inside 3.18″L x 3.18″W x 0.20″D

Stores up to 9 MAC eyeshadows

There are 5 colors for the large palettes and 4 for the small palettes. These palettes are very sleek and light. They are secured using magnetic strips and have a clear top, making it easy for you to look for the color you wish to use.

Each palette also comes with free metal stickers to be used for de-potted non-magnetic shadows, blushers, bronzers and powders. Just peel & stick onto the back of the pans for strong adhesion to prevent from products moving. You can even the color name on the back of the metal sticker for future reference.

By liking their Facebook page, you get a coupon code for 10% discount. I will be ordering 2 large palettes and 2 small palettes. Because they charge a flat fee for international shipping, I figured that I should do a mini spree to see if any of you girls would like to join in the order. This way, we can maximise the shipping and pay a lower unit shipping price.

So here’s how it will work:

Z Palette –> International Shipping –> Me –> You (Either meet up [preferred] or post)

The maximum number of orders the flat international shipping rate of USD14.90 can take is up to 12 units.

1 Large Palette = 2 units

1 Small Palette = 1 unit

So, it takes up combination of the above palettes as long as it equates to 12 units.


Cost after taking into consideration the 10% discount:

1 Large Palette = USD18

1 Small Palette = USD12.60


Shipping will be USD14.90 divided by 12 units = USD1.25 per unit

As mentioned, I will be taking up 6 units and have 6 more available as part of this spree.

The spree will close once the 6 units have been taken up.


How to join the spree:

  1. Website:
  2. Open only to Singapore residents
  3. Exchange Rate used: 1.4 (If the exchange rate charged by my credit card is much less, I will do a refund)
  4. Local postage = $1per 2 units
  5. For those selecting Meet-up – It will most probably be at either Raffles Place or Parkway Parade
  6. Please check the comments before you place your order to ensure that we do not exceed 6 units. It will be a first come first serve basis.
  7. Payment must be made within 24hrs of order placement. Please make payment to POSB Savings – 112-32607-3
  8. Updates of the spree will be shown on the sidebar.
  9. Leave a comment with the following format (example):


Name: Mabel

Email: sheshopsmakeup[@]

Item 1: Black – Large Palette

URL 1:

Quantity: 1

No. of units: 2

Shipping: Postal/Meet-up

Price in USD: 18

Total cost in SGD: [18 + (no. of units x 1.25)] x 1.4 = [18 + (2 x 1.25)] X 1.4 = SGD28.70 (Add $1 for local postage)


Transfer ref no.:

Date & Time:

IBank Nick: (not applicable for ATM transfers)


Feel free to ask me any questions if there’s anything you are unsure about.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Kim H

    i live in the united states, can i enter still please? no one from singapore is entering and i really want this 🙁

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