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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Maybelline Event @ Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was a key milestone for me and this blog SheShopsMakeup. I attended my first bloggers event featuring Maybelline products. The event was held at Covelli Italian Bistro and Wine Bar at Orchard Central. Because it was my first one, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I dragged my sister along – this way, I wouldn’t be left with no soul to talk to during the event. That concern of not having anyone to talk to was soon dumped in the bin as the other fellow bloggers at the event were nothing short of amiable.

I was surprised at the turn-up for the event. The entire restaurant was filled with bloggers. If I were to make a guess, I would say at least 75% of them were at least a decade my junior. I felt so OLD while I was there, half wishing that I was at least 10 years younger to be able to better blend in seamlessly. Then, it hit me that it doesn’t matter how old one might be, it is the love for beauty and skincare that brought us all together.

Towards the end of the event, I made several friends with a number of young pretty bloggers. Yup, the entire restaurant was filled with very beautiful women – it would be every guy’s dream to mingle in that room!

Of course, what is an event at a restaurant without some food. A 3 course lunch was served, I chose Tuna Spaghetti as my main course. Food was pretty good, which was a bonus since I’m not one to frequent Orchard Central. I’ve only ever been there for Foot Massage at Kenko. :p


The event featured 4 new products by Maybelline:

Clear Smooth 8-in-1 High Protection BB Cream

Jelly Glow Blush

Magnum Ultra Comb Mascara

White Master Liner


The BB cream came in 2 colors, I only managed to swatch color No.2. The texture was surprisingly smooth and not too thick when blended, unlike some BB creams out in the market. I believe this is already available at the stores – I remembered seeing this at Watsons. It also comes with SPF50 which is essential given the amount of sun we get here in Singapore.


These Jelly blushes do really live up to their names. They feel like bouncy jelly. I think it comes in a total of 7 colors. Each goodie bag consisted of 2 blushes. They look really cute in their packaging – small and portable max! The main attraction of this blush has to be it’s texture. I’ve never felt or tried another blush or makeup product with a bouncy jelly-like texture like this. Fun to touch, press and swatch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much of a color pay-off. It took a number of swipes to get some color to show on my arm. Perhaps it will perform better over a base or foundation.

This is probably the one product I was looking forward to the most. I have been a fan of Maybelline Mascara since the inception of my makeup journey eons ago. It started with being the choice due to affordability but even when I moved away to try out higher end mascaras, I find myself always reaching for my Maybelline eventually.

I’ve never tried the Magnum range of mascara so this would be my first. Also, this mascara comes with a plastic comb which is said to effectively separate each and every lash while coating them evenly. The makeup artist at the event also assured us that a straight swipe of this comb will give the usual “wriggling” action we use when applying mascara. I am excited and shall try this out tomorrow!

Recently, I have been spotting the neutral beige or white waterline because this is the only way I can doll up my eye without looking under-the-weather and lethargic without my colored contact lenses. Couldn’t really tell how well this eyeliner would wear on the waterline simply by swatching so that has to be tested. However, I thought it was pretty smudge proof on the back of my hand.

Right, so that’s all on the products from the event. Now, on to the fun part!

Love Bonito collaborated with Maybelline and presented their collection in 2 rounds of fashion show. The first round saw models strutting their stuff with a half completed face of makeup. The models were of course, tall, slim and gorgeous, even without half face of makeup.

After the fashion showcase.. on to lucky draw! There were 6 Love Bonito dresses up for grabs to 6 lucky winners.

Guess what?! I WON!!! I was the 6th winner that was picked from the fish jar. Of course, I was so stunned at my luck! Probably beginner’s luck, since this was my first ever event of this nature. 🙂 Rusty was also one of the 6 winners!! Yay!

WInners get to choose any of the dresses from the fashion show. I had originally contemplated that Teal heartshape neckline maxi dress but decided to give that a miss because it would probably be way too long and draggy for me.

So… here’s my choice! Thought that this was a more versatile pick and wearable.


I also got to meet so many gorgeous bloggers at the event. Some I knew through reading their blogs and Twitter, most I didn’t know before the event. It was funny because you always see the bloggers through either pictures or videos and you know exactly how they look like. So, it was really heart-warming when I met people like Rusty, Joanna, Joyce, Sarah, Eliza and Roseanne and they kinda knew who I was! 🙂 These ladies all look so amazing in person and are all so friendly and easy-going.

At the end of the event, the location transformed into a major camwhore and photography galore!

Phew.. that’s the end of this super long post!

Once again, it was awesome meeting you ladies! Hope to see you soon! 🙂


  1. madlynny

    HAHA from the swatch pic of the BB cream!

  2. She Shops Makeup

    @miwitch Thanks!! it was lots of fun @Rusty Yup finally!! Hehe

  3. She Shops Makeup

    @madlynny haha thanks! Err.. how can you tell if my hands are smooth :p

  4. musicplayson

    It was awesome finally seeing you in real life rather than on Youtube. Haha! 😀

  5. miwitch

    Wow!~ Congrats! 😀 the event seems fun!~

  6. madlynny

    nice and congrats!!! and haha out of topic but your hands are so smooth!!!!

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