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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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MAC Ultimate . Bold Luxury

MAC Ultimate . Bold Luxury

Back in the day, when we buy makeup, it was always about the formula, quality, and texture of the product. These days, people seem to get drawn to makeup packaging, branding, almost as if it was a status symbol to own a pretty product. MAC has also decided to up it’s game and recently added a luxury collection to the brand. This is a permanent range that is here to stay.. yay!




The epitome of bold luxury, M∙A∙C Ultimate combines an innovative design aesthetic with the sumptuous formulas of our Ultimate Lipstick and Sheer Mystery Powder. Ten new lip colours are utterly chic, while Sheer Mystery Powder smoothes onto skin in luminous hues that are barely there. Perfectly encased in modern geometric designs, this standout packaging features a sleek chrome finish in two cult-collectible accessories.





This collection comes with 2 Sheer Mystery Powder. Initially I thought these were like Beauty Powder but they were in fact more like makeup setting powder. It comes in a compact that is a slate grey geometric shape. The compact feels really solid and luxurious, not plasticky at all like most compacts out there. The powder is very finely milled and buttery. Each box comes with an additional refill and sponge. The sponge is really soft and looks so sleek and stylish.

I’m not usually a sponge person because I find that sponges usually layer on too much product and cause the face to look very made up. However, I really like this sponge, it feels really nice on the hands and blends the product onto the skin really evenly and “sheerly”.




The powder gives a slightly matte finish while allowing your skin to peek through. As the name says, it is quite sheer so don’t expect to use this like a powder foundation. It is purely for setting foundation and concealer.




The collection consists of 10 lipsticks. The packaging of the range is beautiful. It definitely feels more luxurious than the usual MAC products. But this does not mean that the formula’s compromised. I had the chance to swatch all 10 lipsticks and as you can see from the swatches above, they are all very creamy and pigmented. As far as I know, the formula is new and there shade range is pretty good, ranging from nudes to pinks to peach to red. Something for everyone. Lipsticks are going for $41 each which is a little pricier than the usual MAC lipstick but you do get more product.





I received 2 of the lipsticks to try out – Femme-de-luxe and Ravishingly Rich. They were both really creamy and pigmented. The formula feels quite moisturising, although I have not worn this out for more than a couple hours to really put it to the test. Perhaps I shall do so tomorrow to work 😉

As much as I love the general luxe packaging of the Ultimate Collection, I am not a fan of the lipstick’s packaging. They either made the holder too short or the lipstick too long. The tip of brand new lipsticks were sticking out and I accidentally chipped both my lipsticks!



See what I mean? How annoying is that? I know this is just me being picky and it’s only a problem the first few times you use the lipstick, but who wants a lipstick that chips even before you start using it?

Here are the looks that I did with these lipsticks.




Forgot to mention that these are now available at all MAC counters so do check them out!

Thanks for reading, speak soon 😉

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