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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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MAC Prep and Prime – Vibrancy Eye Primer

In my previous post, I featured 2 of my favorite products for lifting up the luminosity of my face, while taking away any dullness visible. In this entry, I shall feature a product which serves to brighten the skin around the eyes. This is of utmost importance especially when you are under immense stress and lack of sleep. 

This product has received lots of mixed reviews, some good, some not so good. I guess it really depends on the individuals’ expectation from the product. As the name goes, this is an eye primer which serves to brighten up the area around the eyes. 

I remember when I purchased this product, I was hopeful that it would prime the under-eye area and prep it for concealer to the point where I would not experience any creasing under the eyes. Under-eye creasing was a huge problem for me months ago and I bought tons of concealers and “so-called” primers with an attempt to combat the problem. I have since discovered the trick to de-crease the under-eye, though it had got nothing to do with the MAC Vibrancy Eye Primer. Will share my trick in a later post! Clearly, at that time, I was utterly disappointed with this product – I had high hopes!

As with most products, this got neglected and was hogging bottom of my vanity cabinet until recently when I decided to give it another shot but with slightly different expectation. I was looking to brighten up under my eyes. Low and behold, it really did what the name says – add VIBRANCY! It does an amazing job at brightening the under-eye area prior to concealer. It does help to smooth out the skin a little but it does not fill in the fine lines which cause creasing. The Shu Uemura Signs-Off does a better job at that. 

I have been using the Vibrancy Eye Primer over the last month to help combat my terrible, horrible, gross eyebag and darkness under the eye. It provides a lift to the under-eye and helps concealer to stay put all day. Been loving it so far. 

I highly recommend this if you are looking to brighten up under your eyes.

Hope this was helpful for you!! 


  1. icyabstract

    I have this sitting at the bottom of my drawers too. I think I should pull it out and give it some love once more!

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