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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser

Gone are the days when a skincare product should serve the basic purposes of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. These days, there are all kinds of skincare remedies in the market, from anti-aging to whitening, to radiance.

Asian women in particular have been known to be obsessed with skin whitening products. Personally, I think the use of “whitening” is misleading. If a product really whitens your skin to a couple shades lighter than your usual skin tone, then there must be a fair amount of bleach or mercury in the products which can be harmful to the skin with prolonged usage.

However, I do like skin brightening products (which most of these “whitening” products do), these products tend to brighten your skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots and making your skin look more translucent than dull.

Lancome recently released their 2011 whitening BLANC EXPERT range. The star product of this range was none other than the BLANC EXPERT MELANOLYSER. You can probably tell from it’s name that it is a product to combat melanin – the main culprit for those dark spots on our skin caused either by UV rays or stress.

Epidermal skin cells have the unique ability to automatically dissolve excess melanin inside the skin. Under stress and UV, this natural ability weakens, leading to dark spots and dull skin.


For the 1st time, the new Blanc Expert Melanolyser is enriched with Yeast extract that stimulates the “melanin eaters” inside each and every cell to dissolve melanin.

Lancome did a study on 50 women for 2 months and the results were spectacular. It was reported that pores were tightened and stubborn spots erased, revealing a brighter, transparent and radiant skin.

Personally, I always find these tests dubious. Maybe I am just skeptical. It did not say whether constant continued use was required to maintain the results. It probably requires that!

Anyway, I received a miniature sample pack in the mail which I will put to the test and do a complete review.

In the meantime, have you ever used a whitening product that had actually worked?


  1. Anonymous

    i did use blanc expert GN white spot eraser for my first trial. In the beginning, it did not really work because i live at Malaysia where summer is 365 days a year. When i move to the States.i live in mountainous area and still continue to use the product and it did work for me. My mum notice my spots reduced, and my face is brighten actually. Then the spot eraser product replaced with this Melanolyser so i purchased one. I move to Indonesia where the weather just like Malaysia and i did not see any improvement on my skin. Though i use it with other Gn white skin care range. I guess this product is only suitable for 4seasons country where sun doesn’t shine often!

  2. Anonymous

    I tried Lancome’s Blance Expert for almost a month. Didnt work on me. Just felt my skin was darkening and stopped using immediately. Maybe its a good product but didnt suit me

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