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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Lancôme Artliners – How I love them so….

Lancôme Artliners – How I love them so….

Even though I enjoy doing makeup and have been using makeup for years, the one thing I still lack confidence and sometimes struggle with are liquid eyeliners. There has been one too many occasions where I would cautiously draw on my eyeliner only to realise they do not balance – could be thickness, angle of the wing, length.. Yup, pretty “FML” type situations, especially when you have done your base makeup.


As such, I tend to stay away from liquid liners and would often opt for pencil or gel liners (if I desire a more intense line). When I first started watching YouTube videos and saw how effortlessly Michelle Phan drew on her eyeliner using Lancôme’s Artliner, I was always curious about the Artliner and am so glad when I got the opportunity to try it out myself!


Lancôme iconic Artliner celebrates it’s 20th anniversary by launching a limited edition collection of 5 color eyeliners along with a reformulated Black liner. The colours that were launched in Singapore were Gold, Amethyst, Silver, Jade and Emerald. I have seen other colours being launched in other parts of the world – colours like Turqouise and Blue were part of their collection.






I started using these excessively the day I got them. This post is extremely late but if you follow me on Instagram @sheshopsmakeup, you would have seen me raving about this and posting up looks with these liners.


Edited with Phonto.



These Artliners provide the most striking and opaque line with a single stroke. The colors are all very vibrant and they just pop on the eyes. My favourite ones are Emerald and Jade. Theses are so easy to wear and work very well with my skintone.



The Lancôme Artliners come with a foam tip applicator that is firm and dense, making it perfect for beginners wanting to take the leap into liquid eyeliners. I really like the amount of control the applicator provides, it allows even the most shivery hands to draw a nice and even line. 






I found the formula to be rather wet and you will need to give the eyeliner a good shake before using. Also, because it’s so wet, I would recommend not opening your eyes fully after you have applied the eyeliner, give it about 5-10 seconds to dry before doing so. The upside to the wet formula is that you can easily use a Q-tip to correct any mistakes that you might have made without any traces of the error 😉

If you observe closely at the applicator tips above, you would be able to see some tiny flakes on the tip. Initially, I thought this was just the applicator’s texture, but realised that it’s actually the formula. It is not advisable to apply multiple layers of the eyeliner after the previous layer has dried or else it will start to flake. And to be honest, with the amount of pigmentation in each stroke, you hardly need to layer on, unless you want a really thick line.


Waterproof? Smudgeproof?

Whilst it is not a waterproof eyeliner, I found that it held on pretty well on my oily lids and watery eyes. As far as smudging goes, it wouldn’t smudge on it’s own but don’t try and rub your eyes or the eyeliner would “flake” off. I’ve worn this to hot yoga and nope, it didn’t survive the 1 hour in a 38degree heated room. Thankfully, I did not end up with panda eyes since it flakes off rather than smudge off. So that’s acceptable, I guess?


Lasting Power

On a normal day, without extreme heat or hot yoga, this eyeliner stays put all day without any of it’s colour or pigmentation wearing off throughout the day. I have to say I’m really impressed and in love with it.


Now on to some eye looks that I accumulated. My favourite colour of the collection has got to be EMERALD! It’s such a beautiful green against my NC30 skin tone.


Below are some EOTD that were taken in the mornings using my iPhone so pictures are a little grainy.. but I think you would still be able to see the gorgeous eyeliners in action 😉


Edited with Phonto.

Edited with Phonto.

Edited with Phonto.



Artliner black

Artliner Jade



Overall Thoughts

I LOVE all the Lancôme Artliners. It’s a shame the colours are limited edition so if you like a pop of colour on your eyes once in a while, go grab them from Sephora (not sure if they are still available though). If they are not, you should still grab the Black one because it is THAT GOOD! Each eyeliner is going for $44.

Thanks for reading!


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