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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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Laduree Les Merveilleuses Petal Blush – Review & Application

Several months back, the world renowned French Patisserie launched their exclusive line of cosmetics in Japan. Having been such a huge fan of their macaroons, I knew I had to get my hands on their cosmetics. Being a sucker for anything “Limited Edition” or “Exclusive”, I got my sister to grab an item for me from the range while she was in Tokyo.

Having only seen pictures online, I had no idea about the quality of the cosmetics. Thus, I decided to go with a safe choice – i.e. nothing for the complexion like foundation or concealer. I decided to go for blush.

Laduree had 2 different types of blushes – Petal blush and regular powder blush. Undoubtedly, I went for the Petal blush because it was unique and I was curious as to what it was like. The pictures on the website were tiny but I went with it anyway.

There were 3 different color choices for the petal blush. I had initially wanted no.1 but it was sold out and had to settle for color no.2. It is a peachy pink shade and smells so delicious – like roses. Apparently, the blush was sold separately from it’s container, much like a refill.

The design of the line resembles the Paul & Joe range of cosmetics. Perhaps it was designed this way due to the launch in the Japanese market. I am seriously not complaining because I love the design! The Petal Blush container was made of a solid thick frosted plastic, embellished with finely crafted gold trimmings and a medallion which carries the face of a lady (much like Lady Antoinette).

The minute I removed the box of petals from the lilac satin pouch, I was hit with a strong weave of rose scent. I am not always a fan of scents in makeup but this was delicious. The petals were neatly packed in the plastic container, ready to be placed into it’s rightful home – the beautiful container which doubles up as a remarkable statement piece on my vanity.

Took me several tries before I managed to arrange and stack the petals in a manner of my delight 🙂

The purchase also came with some samples in the form of a beautiful card. Of course, it was in Japanese. But who cares! It is so pretty. I got a packet of foundation and primer to try.

I finally decided to give this blush a try. It has been sitting pretty on my vanity all night after I filmed my video. I used the Sigma F40 brush to pick up the color. There is a tiny price to pay for this beautiful blush, you have to be very careful when you are picking up the color because you don’t want to break or tear the petals with your brush. So, it is important to use a really soft brush for this.

Expectedly, the blush did not have the WOW factor, but it was still decently good. It is mostly matte with very slight shimmer if you managed to get some color off the tips of the petals. The pink/peach portion of the petals are matte while the yellow/golden tips are shimmery. Very unique indeed!

For SGD150, I was expecting more from this blush. Don’t get me wrong, the blush isn’t bad, just that I wasn’t really blown away. Although, I do really adore the packaging and the fact that the blush are made out of uniquely crafted petals.

Please watch my video below where I did an open box.

Hope this was helpful for you if you are considering getting your hands on the Laduree cosmetics.

Thanks for popping by! 🙂


  1. memoiselle

    Mabel, where did you get this? Soo pretty 🙂

  2. She Shops Makeup

    @Catarina Thanks hun. Ya if you are into packaging like me, you will so love this!
    @amyrleex Hehe thanks!! It sure is! Though it isn’t the best blush in the world. Who cares. It’s pretty :p

  3. amyrleex

    Aaaahhhh! so GORGEOUS!! ^_^

  4. Catarina Pereira

    Almost forgot: nIce pictures, love them!

  5. Catarina Pereira

    Hi Gorgeous! I love this collection sooo badly! This is certainly my cup of tea! I want one of each, please… 😀

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