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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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Haul: Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection (With swatches)

Hey gorgeous!

Been MIA for the last week or so due to personal and work matters. For that I apologize!

Though I was feeling down and uninspired, that never stopped me from shopping and adding to my beauty stash! Retail therapy at it’s best! I was extremely drawn to the recent Shop MAC Cook MAC collection launched here in Singapore (ok, not that recent now.. ). The colors of the boxes, the advertisements, press pictures were so vibrant and unique. I actually thought it was a special lucky dip type of MAC concept where you pick a box from the shelf and hope you get what you like! Silly me!!

The colors were beautiful, including the boxes. MAC really did well this time with the soft pastel colors mixed with bright vibrant colors of the products.

I was pretty disciplined and picked up only 3 items from the collection. Yup! The items were put into a beautiful box and I even got a pair of Domestic Goddess gloves! Haha, not that I’ll ever need to use them. :p

Cremeblend blush in Optimistic Orange, MAC Tendertone in Purring, Cremesheen Lipstick in Innocence Beware!

Notice 2 out of 3 of the products bare the orangey hint? Alas! It’s still one of my favourite colors this Spring!

Yup, that orange blush above looks really strong. Fret not, this is a perfect shade for tanned skintones. Because I’m pretty tanned, I find coral and orangey blushes work best with my NC25 – NC30 skintone. I love MAC cremeblend blushes, the texture and staying power is awesome! Best part is, you can actually pat these cream blushes on top of powder and it wouldn’t look patchy.

I have been wearing this blush the last two days and am loving it to bits! I love how I am able to control how bright or natural I want the blush to look. As you can see from the swatches above, it can go from very lightly blended to bright orange. LOVE!!!

There is just one slight problem, this blush stains big time! Not that I’m really complaining because this would mean that it’s staying power is superb on my face, but it’s pretty annoying that it leaves behind such a bright pink tint on my fingers.

The next item is a MAC Tendertone in Purring. This is a comeback product from MAC. I remembered seeing the Tendertones several years back when I was living in the UK, as limited edition lip balm and that by the time I decided to purchase them, they were sold out. I was almost tempted to pick up all the colors. If you need to have your smell and taste senses satisfied, you’ll be happy to know that these MAC Tendertones are served with strawberry-kiwi flavoring, tasty!

The MAC Tendertones are packaged in jars exactly like those of the MAC Paint Pot, which is a little on the heavy side. This will probably not sit well with those who prefer tubes for sanitation purposes, but with these gems getting snatched up left and right, I believe some have made peace with the packaging presentation.

These MAC Tendertones are really conditioning for the lips. I felt my lips being pampered big time with that Shea Butter. Combine that with a bit of color and a smooth application and I could easily jazz up any lipstick. My only complain has still got to be the packaging. It’s all well and good now that it’s still a full pot. I would really hate it once I get through at least 50% of the pot because that would mean I will either need a brush or be sure to keep my nails short so that I don’t dig my nails into the product rather than my fingers.


And finally, the nude cremeblend creamy lipstick in Innocence Beware. I have been looking for a perfect nude, one that isn’t too beige which will wash out my skin color and make me look sickly. It has to be the perfect beige nude blended with a light tint of pink. This seems to be perfect (judging by the swatch). I have yet to try this out but will do so real soon and post as part of a LOTD.

Oh I wanted to mention… I loved the color combo of the quad eyeshadows from this collection. BUT, I was utterly disappointed with the quality of the shadows. The color payoff was terrible. They either had little to no color or felt chalky and difficult to blend. Bummer!

Did you pick up anything from this collection?

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