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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Haul: Bobbi Brown Mega Haul for Freebies!


Hey everyone! As usual, I am such a sucker for freebies that come when you purchase beyond a certain amount of products.

Having tried a number of Bobbi Brown products lately, I am truly rekindling my love for this brand. I used to love it some 4-5 years ago. That eventually died off because the products were kind of pricy and concealer got a little cakey. The shadows were also a hit and miss for me.

However, lately I’ve been crazy obsessed with my new-found love for foundation. Having read so much about the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, I plucked up the courage to get one for myself. As if having one Bobbi Brown Foundation was not enough, I had to rush to the store 3 days later to check out the Cream Compact Foundation – having read the reviews while I was researching for reviews on the Stick Foundation (Yup! After I bought it). *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I have no regrets whatsoever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE both my Bobbi Brown foundations. The consistency, staying power and moisturizing properties just simply blew me away. In addition, they provide medium to full coverage beautifully without the skin looking all thick and painted onto.

While swatching at the store, the sales assistant highlighted the following to me which totally changed my entire shopping goal and objective!

“Spend $150 to renew Bobbi Brown Membership and receive a Beauty Kit. Spend over $250 to receive an additional goodie bag!”

Being a typical female individual, of course I fell into the trap which I knew was laid out there right in front of me. It was as if I willingly let myself into the vines of the trap and got myself entangled!

So, to make up the first $150, I bought the Bobbi Brown Cream Compact Foundation in Beige (S$90) & Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream (S$99).

Sub-total at this point = S$188

And this was my freebie for hitting S$150

There was then the evil voice in my head saying “Since you are already spending S$188, you might as well make it $250 to get extra goodie bag.”

So, I went in search of another item to purchase….. and settled for the Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-wear Eye Kit (S$90).

VIOLA! S$188+S$90 = S$278

And here’s the second goodie bag!

I particularly liked the packaging of the lip gloss that came with it.

Sigh… so much for wanting to initially only check out the Cream Compact Foundation. But I have to say, I have zero regrets because I am loving them all!

Do you have the same “Freebie Syndrome” where you would force yourself to buy an item just to choke up the amount to get a freebie?

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