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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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Effectively Conceal Eyebags & Dark Circles

Hi gorgeous!

I have a love-hate relationship with my eyebags and dark eye circles. I think they have been there since I was like about 15 years old. Right around the time when I hit puberty. And I can confidently say that it’s definitely hereditary because my sister has them too.. and from a young age as well. Sigh.. I really hate them!!

However, at the same time, I have to love them because if it wasn’t for my troubled under eyes, I probably would not have plunged into this wonderful world of make-up and using cosmetics to conceal imperfections such as the troublesome duo.

I remembered being very self-conscious when I was in highschool because the eyebags always made me look tired and zombie-like. My first ever brush with make-up came when I took up a vacation job when I was 15. I bought my very first concealer from The Body Shop. I remembered at that time, all I knew was that a concealer had to be lighter than my natural skintone. So I picked out the lightest color thinking that it would be double effective and totally lighten and diminish my eyebags and dark circles.

What’s worse was that I wanted to use concealer and seem as if I wasn’t using anything. Without knowing anything about make-up or putting any other make-up on my face, I smeared the concealer under my eye and set it with my mum’s Clinique Loose Powder. Though it didn’t fully conceal my eyebags nor dark circles, it did successfully lighten their appearance and I was pretty proud of myself. BUT… during the course of my 2 weeks vacation job stint, I had some group pictures taken with my colleagues.. The pictures turned out disastrous!! Pity I can’t find any of them now.. The camera flash accentuated my concealer making me look like a clown with 2 patches of crescent shaped white powder under my eyes. It was SOOOOO embarrassing!

After that, I embarked on a journey to explore different, better ways to conceal my under eye imperfections. I have since tried liquid, cream and stick concealers from countless brands and am pretty convinced that to effectively conceal your under eye bags and circles, you need to first have a relationship with them and understand the real issues you have. Only then will you be able to use a combination of different products to fix the problem.

I came to realize how well highlighters and concealers complement each other. The following video will show you how I conceal them today using highlighter and concealer, and they work pretty well.. so far, until I discover a better way!

Some of my favorite under eye concealers and highlighters:

  • Laura Mercier Undercover Pot – including Secret Camouflage
  • MUFE Lift Concealer
  • Peter Thomas Roth Un-wrinkle concealer & highlighter
  • YSL Touche Eclat Highlighter Pen


What are your favorite concealers?


  1. babe-of-God

    Thanks for this tutorial, Mabel. Do u usually use foundation or concealer first?

  2. Runwaytoparis

    Fantastic tutorial!

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