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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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DiorSkin Star Foundation – Review & Application

DiorSkin Star Foundation – Review & Application

Hi there!

I have been trying a number of new bases and foundations lately and this is one which I am most excited to share with you…..

The DiorSkin Star Foundation!


This foundation has been out in Sephora for over a month now and I first picked up a sample when it launched to try. It retails for $78 and is available at all major department stores, Dior Backstage and also Sephora. I was surprised how well this foundation works with my skin, since I have such dehydrated normal to dry skin which very often causes foundation to sit into the lines of my skin and accentuates the dehydration.


I thought it might be good to film a review and show you the entire application process than just blog photos of before and after – in fact, I forgot to capture some “before” pics! Eeeeks… So I guess you will just have to make do with the video ok? I will also share some close up pictures of the foundation immediately after application and 3 hours after below.

 Official information from Dior:

Inspired by the professional illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists, Dior invents Diorskin Star, its 1st brightening foundation: a weightless fluid capable of recreating the spectacular and perfecting light of Dior’s studios.

– The complexion is instantly more luminous and visibly more even.

A new generation of hollow silica beads captures and diffuses light in a correcting halo with no shine. At the same time, colour-filter pigments neutralize colour imbalances to recreate the perfect light.

– The complexion is purified and more dazzling.

Anti-“light-trap” skincare ingredients help reduce the appearance of dark areas, pigment spots and redness.



This foundation comes with SPF 30 PA+++ and has been marketed as a very long wearing foundation, and it totally lives up to that claim!

Though I am not usually a fan of glass foundation bottles, I do like how sturdy this one feels and the pump is wonderful. It dispenses just the right amount of product. 1 pump is perfect for my entire face, this way, there is absolutely zero wastage! IMG_5825

This is a liquid foundation that is pretty concentrated and pigmented. Even though it is a liquid foundation, it is not going to flow down the side of your hands anytime.


Definitely Light-Medium to Medium-Full coverage. It is very pigmented but can definitely be sheered out to Light-Medium coverage. I really love how this foundation evens out my skintone – redness and freckles to bring out a flawless finish. I picked the shade 023 which is perfect for my currently MAC NC30 skin. There are 15 shades in the entire range so the colour selections are pretty good. It caters well to pink, yellow, beige and darker skintones.



I personally prefer using it with a damp beauty blender because I find that it’s a lot easier to blend and gives a much more even finish.

Finish and Lasting Power

The finish is definitely satin, which is such a treat since this is a long wearing foundation. Yes, most long wearing foundations tend to lean towards a matte finish. Boy! Am I glad this isn’t matte because I tried the much raved about Lancome Mat Miracle and it didn’t work on me one bit.





As you can see from the pictures above (non-edited or filtered, hence, you can see almost every pore on my face!), the finish is quite pretty. And even after 3 hours (yes, my lipstick has worn off from breakfast), the foundation still looks good. Even now, as I’m typing this (12 hours on), the foundation still looks awesome!

Overall Thoughts:

I’ve found a new trusty foundation that I can rely on for important events and long days. Love it! What are you waiting for? Pick up a sample to try!

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