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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Dior Summer 2013 Nude Tan Paradise Duo Iridescent Blush and Bronzing Powder

Dior Summer 2013 Nude Tan Paradise Duo Iridescent Blush and Bronzing Powder

Happy Sunday! Oops!! It’s only Wednesday.. Well, it sure felt like a Sunday 😉

Just a little warning that there will be an influx of haul posts over the next couple weeks because as usual, I am hauling much too fast and I am constantly playing catch-up on my blog. It’s difficult choosing what to feature first, it’s usually the ones I adore the most.

The Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo Iridescent Blush and Bronzing Powder (what a mouthful) is my first ever Dior powder compact. For some bizarre reason, I always seem to miss out on previous launches Dior Bronzing Powders. Given that I had been hauling so much the last couple weeks, I was pretty determined that I would not need this powder. Besides, I have my staple favourite Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzer, why would I need another one?

PS: Please excuse the slightly cool-toned and grainy pictures. I snapped this in the evening in daylight because I could not wait to use it!!

This was a product that was definitely LOVE AT FIRST SWATCH! It was pretty funny when Eliza and I first saw this powder at DFS. Given that Eliza was never really a bronzer user, and me, being ever-so-faithful to my Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons, we did not expect to exclaimed almost instantaneously – “WE NEED THIS!” as soon as we swatched it.

This is my first Dior powder compact. I have been a big fan of their Lip Glow for years but never tried their powders until now. As with every other high-end makeup, it comes in a beautiful silver compact complete with a deep blue velvet case. What’s equally awesome is that this powder also comes with a miniature kabuki brush which is of pretty decent quality. Best of all, that brush has it’s own little form-fitted velvet cover, making it perfect for my daily makeup pouch!

Apart from DFS, there were no testers or displays at any of the Dior counters. These were expected to officially be on the shelves sometime during the first week of May (I think today!). It is retailing for $90 and comes with 9.5g of product.

The pan is divided into 4 quadrants, each one embossed with a letter that makes up the word NUDE.

It comes with 2 bronzer shades and 2 blusher shades. I like how the bronzer shades have got the right amount of warmth, making them great as bronzers or even a natural contour.

The pink blusher shades lean toward a slightly blue undertone which is awesome because I have an unhealthy collection of coral and warm toned blushers. I love the pigmentation and quality of the powder, it is so soft and delivers the right level of pigmentation especially when used with the mini kabuki that came with the set.

Initially, I thought that I would most likely swirl all 4 colors together and only use this as a blusher, but I was pleasantly surprised at how natural a contour I could create with the bronze shades. I will do a follow-up post with LOTD and different ways of wearing this powder.

If you have never owned a Dior Nude limited edition bronzer/blusher duo? Do check this one out. It is gorgeous!

Thanks for looking!


  1. VeeVeeMeow

    Thanks for the review and swatches, Mabel! Stumbled upon your blog whilst contemplating on getting this. I sure hope this shows on me, since the last Dior duo bronzer/blush didn’t 🙁
    And those nail colours are just divine! I decided to stop buying nail polish a few weeks ago, looks like I’m reversing that decision 😛

    • Hi Tania,Thanks for the good words.Most of the times, we take the world around us in a th;ts#8217as-how-it’&-probably-meant-to-be manner. E.g. we seldom validate the correctness of what elders say. The moment we start questioning, it’s like peeling an onion. Truth lies below a lot of layers.Regards,Rahul

  2. icyabstract

    Your pictures look nice still! Haha. Very exquisite yet wearable product to have in the stash!

    • We were OCF virgins this year. We had a great time, was surprised by how many people we knew who we bumped into. Living in Veneta now has it’s benefits, we could hear the music late into the night from our bedroom window, but it was at a nice soothing distance, no earplugs necessary. Di#17d82n&;t know you guys were there – or….. possibly we bumped into you and the memory never made it back home from the craziness of the weekend.

  3. elizaheartsmakeup

    Soooo prettyy! <3 hehe.

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