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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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Decleor Life Radiance & Aromessence

Hi there! I attended a blogger’s event by Decleor on Saturday along with a few fellow bloggers. The main highlight was it’s new Aromessence and Life Radiance range of products. 

Since I am using a Macbook and it is virtually impossible for me to extract any press info from the mini CD, I shall give you s quick rundown of what I gathered from the event (through memory) and the website :p

One of the highlights of the event for me was the many booths/stations for different types of consultation and analysis. There was skin analysis, pressure point massage and product introduction booths. Because I got there late, I didn’t have time to visit every booth. Yes I blame it on the new map on the iPhone 5 which is a NIGHTMARE!!! It directed me to no-where and resulted in 20minutes of driving around Stevens Road! 

(Excuse the dates on some of the pictures… I had a bit of a camera malfunction because the S100 was meant to be for diving only so I haven’t taken it for a ride for land photos)

Nonetheless, I managed to do a skin analysis. This was the first time ever skin analysis for me and I was so excited! As expected, my skin was diagnosed to be dehydrated around the forehead and normal around the chin.So I guess half my T-zone is normal? Sharing notes with the other bloggers there, it seems that everyone’s skin is DEHYDRATED! I wonder if it’s a ploy to make us purchase more products? Hmm…. 

I also did a more in-depth wrinkles test. As you know, since I have normal to dry skin – and according to Decleor, dehydrated skin, naturally, I was concerned about wrinkles and lines. Below is the result of the test. Thank goodness my score for wrinkles were low! Phew! But one of the recommendations on the analysis was to have a “relaxed facial expression”. OMG How is that possible?! Am I not supposed to laugh and be happy? Geez.. that is going to be tough!

So the event started with a talk about the Brand and the Life Radiance range as well as the Aromessence range of essential oils. 

Decleor has been the cosmetic aromatherapy expert since 1974, offering a unique art of beauty based on a rigorous selection of the finest quality plants and exclusive blends of active ingredients for effective daily skincare with exceptional affinity with the skin. 

The AROMESSENCE is a delecate blend of expertly selected and carefully measured Essential Oils and Plant Oils. AROMESSENCE are 100% pure and 100% natural serums that enhance the effectiveness of your daily skincare products. They are so effective that you only need a few drops to release their precious unrivalled benefits, each offering specific properties purifying, soothing, energizing, revitalizing. 

We got to try out the AROMESSENCE NEROLI at the event. We were shown how to effectively use the essential oil in 3 simple steps:

  1. Warm 3 drops of AROMESSENCE in the palm of your hands
  2. Breathe in the delecate scents of Essential Oils before applying to the entire face
  3. Apply gentle and firm pressure on the key energy points of the face (These are the brow bone, below the eyes, temples, hollow of the cheeks)

I LOVE the scent!! Feels very spa-like! Even as I am typing this post, I can still smell the wonderful soothing aroma from the AROMESSENCE which came in the goodie bag. Can’t wait to start trying it tonight!

Apart from the AROMESSENCE, the Life Radiance range of products was also presented to us during the talk. First up was the Double Radiance Scrub.

Extract from the website:

More than an exfoliation, a true radiance revealing treatment! Enhanced with Echium Oil, a source of Omega 3, 6 and 9, and Essential oils of Saro and Elemi to activate the cutaneous micro-circulation, this exfoliation provides essential nutrients for skin that is radiant with health.
Its 3 types of natural exfoliating particles act to:
– gently eliminate dead skin cells (Egyptian Luffa fibres)
– revive the complexion’s radiance (Madagascan Cardamom Seeds)
– leave the skin feeling soft and silky (Jojoba beads)

Result: Freed from its dull veil, the skin’s natural radiance is restore.

Thanks Michelle for her swatch modeling for us! The scrub smells really nice and felt smooth without being too harsh. 

Next up was the Double Radiance Cream.

Extract from the website:

Radiant skin is healthy skin. Formulation features: DECLÉOR together combined radiance-activating Essential Oils of Élémi and Saro with a natural defenceboosting Prebiotic of plant origin, to act on the 4 key factors contributing to radiance:

1. Micro-circulation activator (Essential oil of Élémi)

2. Light reflector (Soft focus pigments)

3. Natural defence booster (Essential Oil of Saro, plant-based Prebiotic, Vegetal oil rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9)

4. Pollution protector
(Moringa Oleifera microproteins)
Result: From the very first application, the skin is more luminous and a new radiance is revealed. Day after day, its original strength and vitality are restored, leaving it glowing with health and luminosity.

My thoughts: It felt very thick and rich but I hated the scent. It has got a “Plastic” smell which just doesn’t rock my boat. 

In conclusion, I think I might really like the AROMESSENCE. Definitely will try out the teeny weeny vial and do a review later.

Finally, it was lovely to meet the girls once again! Standard group shot! :p

PS: I have got a “Get Ready With Me” video on my makeup and get-up for the event. Check out the video here

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