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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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Comparison: Urban Decay Naked vs Naked2 Palette (with Swatches)

Hey everyone! This must be the one post that I most enjoy writing because it’s featuring the much hyped Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. Since the last month and a half, the Naked2 Palette began to flood the YouTube and beauty bloggers community. The top beauty gurus/bloggers were all provided with a Naked2 Palette each well ahead of it’s official launch to try and share the product, as a bid to increase the anxiety amongst beauty fanatics like myself. Having been a huge fan of the original Naked Palette, I simply could not wait to have this palette join the rest of my makeup collection. Although my first thought when watching the previews was how similar it looked to the original Naked palette, it failed stop me from wanting it!

Last Saturday was the official launch and pre-sale of the Naked2 palette in Sephora Singapore (yup we are so darn slow in bringing in the good stuff). I almost contemplated ordering online from Sephora US directly last month. It’s a good thing I waited because that palette would probably still not arrive at my door step had I ordered.

After seeing Sophia’s tweet on Saturday, I couldn’t stop thinking about the palette all night and decided to rush to Sephora first thing Sunday morning to get it. Here’s the post of my haul that day. It’s a good thing I went down on Sunday morning because my friend dropped by Sephora that evening and it was sold out! Phew…. Worst of all, the next shipment will only be arriving on 7th March. That’s like 2 months away!!!!


Let’s Start Comparing…

I’ve got good news for those of you who haven’t gotten your Naked2 Palette, but own the original Naked Palette, don’t sweat because they are extremely similar.

Let’s Compare Packaging…

Yup! That’s a brand new Naked Palette alongside the Naked2 Palette in the picture above. And nope, I did not go crazy and get another Naked Palette since I already have one. This was a Christmas gift. At first glance, the main difference was of course the packaging – the Naked came in this velvety magnetic cardboard box which is super sleek and durable, especially for traveling when I would simply throw it among my clothes in my luggage. The Naked2 on the other hand came in this plastic and metal case, much like a school kid’s pencil case. Another obvious difference was the size of the mirrors. The Naked2 has a much bigger mirror covering the entire surface of the palette cover, which is great (i guess). Except ironically, this was also the problem with the palette……….

The palette doesn’t lie flat on the table!!! The mirror was clearly too heavy compared with the shadows. Hello engineers who designed the case. Maybe you needed to use a heavier material as the base. Grrr… It’s not a big problem, just a teeny weeny little pet peeve of mine. Containers need to sit nicely on the table. The hinge at the back of the palette also looks like a piece of tape haphazardly holding the case together.

I know a lot of people prefer the new packaging because it locks the container tightly but, personally, I prefer the Naked Palette’s packaging. It was much classier than the Naked2 which (pardon me) looked a little cheap, especially the clicking sound it makes when you lock the palette.


Let’s Compare Palette Companions…

The first batch of the Original Naked palette came with a duo 24/7 Glide-on eyeliner but the recent Naked Palettes were accompanied by a Karma Shadow Brush. This trend of using brushes as a condiment was carried over to the Naked2 Palette, except the brush was modified to a duo shader and blending brush.

I tried the Naked2 brush this morning and I am liking it, especially the blending brush. It is stiff at the base, soft at the end, making it great for blending color into the crease. I have yet to try the Karma shadow brush from the Naked Palette but I suppose the quality should be pretty similar to the Naked2 shader brush which is good for patting on color.

One observation though – the Naked Palette’s Karma brush is of the same size as the regular Karma brushes sold at the Urban Decay counters. The Naked2 brush was made purely for this palette, making it exclusive. Perhaps I’m too picky but I somehow felt that the Karma brush was slightly “heavier” in weight and feels more solid. Then again, I’m still loving the duo brush for it’s quality! Can’t complain here. 🙂

The original Naked Palette came with a free sample size eyeshadow primer potion while the Naked2 Palette had this miniature lip gloss which is so adorable! I was trying to find a way to tie it to my keychain but there wasn’t an opening for me to slip a string around. It’s so tiny it’s great as an emergency gloss for clubbing nights or parties where you have limited space in your clutch or bag.


Let’s Compare Colors…

Right, and now for the most important part of the palette, the colors. Like I mentioned, both palettes are extremely similar but just how similar are they? Let’s check them out up close…

First up, there’s one color that’s available in both palettes – Half Baked, which is a pretty golden shimmery shade which I love as an all over eyelid color. Perhaps I’m getting crossed-eyed, but I noticed that there’s a slight hint of difference between the Half Baked from my 1yr old Naked Palette and both the new Naked and Naked2 Palettes.

As you can see from the above, my original Half Baked seems to be a tat darker than the new Half Baked‘s in the 2 new palettes.

Do eyeshadow colors change over time? I guess I’ve never owned the same color in so many different places so I’ll never know.

Do you have the original Naked Palette (the one that came with the eyeliner), does your Half Baked look the same as the Naked2’s Half Baked?

I have broken up a few swatches comparing the Naked vs Naked2 Palette colors to show how similar or dissimilar they look.


Let’s look at the lighter shades in the collection…

Virgin and Bootycall are both really similar and great as highlight colors. Bootycall is slightly “whiter” and more pearly than Virgin when swatched.

Naked and Foxy are matte colors and they are pretty different. Naked is more taupe and great for crease while Foxy’s got a yellow tint and will also be great as a matte highlight color.

Buck is my favorite matte shade from the Naked Palette and Tease is also my favorite matte shade from the Naked2 Palette. Both are very similar and awesome as crease colors. They are buildable and make good neutral everyday smokey look fit for the office. Buck is slightly warmer than Tease.


Now for the mid-tone shades…

Sidecar from the Naked Palette is very similar to Suspect and YDK (particularly YDK). Again, Sidecar has a warmer undertone.

Toasted vs Chopper (not Chopped as above) – Toasted has a pink undertone while Chopper has a yellow gold undertone.


Finally, the darker shades in the collections…

I have to say these darker shades are even more similar than the light to medium tone colors in both palettes.

Again, the only difference between Smog and Snakebite is the warmth of Smog over Snakebite.

Hustle and Darkhorse are from the original Naked Palette while Busted is from the Naked2 Palette. It is almost impossible to tell one color from another, especially between Busted and Darkhorse!


And the more unique colors in the Naked2 Palette…

These included a silver, a shimmery grey and a matte black which is my absolute favorite as I don’t have a matte black in my collection.

In conclusion, there are indeed a lot of similarities between the 2 palettes. If you ask me, I think it’s a really good move by Urban Decay to jump on the success of the Naked Palette bandwagon and release a sequel to the much-loved palette. Can you blame them for the number of similarities? I would say not, because what would you expect them to do, it’s afterall the “NAKED2” Palette – where they are obligated to insert neutral shades. How different can neutral shades be?

You might say, if I thought this way, why would I still buy the palette? Well, because I am a huge fan of Urban Decay and I do love the variations and cooler tones in the Naked2 Palette. Plus, the quality is still awesome and it allows me to create more looks. In fact, I would say the Naked2 Palette is a better buy because it has a good mix of warm, cool, shimmer and matte shades for different occasions.

So, the question would be, do you need both palettes? Probably not, but if you have the moola to spare, why not? It’s still a gorgeous palette and the duo brush is great for travel.

Alrighty, hope I didn’t bore you with the lengthy post. That’s all, hope this was helpful!


  1. NggakBisaGituDong

    I’m tempted by the packaging, but I can’t get myself to purchase this because it lacks mattes. Have you heard about a rumor that UD will be releasing a neutral matte palette? I would love that.

  2. She Shops Makeup

    hey hun, ahh.. I think you may be right on the oxidation of halfbaked. Thanks for that! Btw, you should get a Naked Palette, they are very versatile and wearable 🙂

  3. farrahdiba

    thanks for the great post! i don’t own either but your swatches make me wanna go and buy them lol. i already own too much eyeshadow as it is so.. as for the different tones in the halfbaked, i suspect it really could be due to oxidation in the naked palette as compared to the naked2. It happens in most cosmetics unless it really is in very dry powder form like mineral powders.

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