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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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Chanel Sublimage La Crème Workshop

Hi Everyone! I received an invitation from UOB Lady’s Solitaire card sometime back to attend a workshop organized by Chanel to introduce the Chanel Sublimage anti-aging skincare range – in particular the moisturizer La Crème. It was my very first time attending such a workshop so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I had the choice of 3 different slots. Because it was going to be on a Saturday, I chose the earliest slot at 10.30am so that I had the rest of the day to laze around after having had one of the busiest week at work. I was told that the workshop would last about 2 – 2.5 hours, which meant that i should finish in time for lunch. Initially, because this was organized by UOB credit card, I was skeptical, thinking that it would be sort of a hard sell kinda event, but it turned out to be the total opposite. You can’t actually purchase anything at the workshop.

This was what I was introduced to when I first got to the venue:

Impressive much? I was stunned. It sure lived up to the Chanel brand. Complete with waiters constantly serving drinks, little bites and tartlets. The session only had about 10-12 attendees. All of which seemed much MUCH older than I was. Well, it was understandable since the focus of the workshop was the Chanel Sublimage range which was targeted at the crowd seeking skincare with anti-aging properties.

The session started with a nutritionist trying to convince us that we are what we eat and that if we eat well, it will show on our skin. Skincare is merely a catalyst to complement the nutrition from within. It was probably true to a large extent, but I personally thought the “Nutrition Talk” was almost pointless. There was nothing that we didn’t already know. Like we are recommended to drink lots of water and eat more vegetables… Duh…

Anyway, after that, a Chanel beauty therapist took us on a journey to Madagascar which was the birth place of the green vanilla plant that constitutes to the miraculous ingredient Vanilla Planifolia in the Chanel Sublimage skincare range.

The Chanel Sublimage skincare range started around 2006. But Chanel has improved it’s formula and recently launched the latest Sublimage La Crème. In this new range of Chanel Sublimage cream which offers not only the generous properties of the green vanilla fruit; it is also enriched with the magical powers of the vanilla flower. The result is Sublimage La Crème: a prestigious skincare product with all the power of Vanilla Planifolia at it’s heart.

“It takes 60,000 green vanilla fruits and 14,000 fresh flowers to produce 1kg of the precious nectar: Enriched Planifolia PFA which is an active ingredient created by Chanel for the Sublimage skincare range.”

From Chanel’s website:

SUBLIMAGE La Crème tantalizes the senses: it offers the pleasure of rich, smooth texture and a subtle scent with hints of vanilla.

The performance of La Crème is quite unique.
It is as powerful as it is rare:
Wrinkles: -36%
Firmness and tone: +26%
Radiance and luminosity: +118%
Hydration: +74%
Evenness of the complexion: +43%

Test conducted on 26 women after applying La Crème for 4 weeks.

After the product introduction, we were escorted into the Chanel practical demo room where we had the opportunity to try out the products.

We were recommended to remove our makeup and use the entire skincare range. I of course did not do that as I was heading to PS Cafe at Dempsey for lunch afterwards. However, I tried the products all over my neck and arm.

There were 2 Chanel Sublimage La Crème in the range – Texture Universelle and Texture Supreme. Texture Supreme had a thicker and more cashmere texture while Universelle was lighter but still as moisturizing. Personally, I very much prefer the Texture Universelle as it absorbed a lot more easily and can be used as a day and night cream. If I were to get the Texture Supreme, I would most likely use it only as a night cream as it was too rich for day wear.

Both creams had a fantastic fragrance and once they were absorbed into the skin, it was evident that the skin looked almost immediately radiant and felt extremely smooth. I couldn’t stop stroking the back of my hand after I applied the cream. I was so tempted to just get a bottle to try.. but.. the cream was going for SGD500 a bottle! Geez..

Thank goodness at the end of the workshop, we were all given a Chanel goodie bag with samples from the Chanel Sublimage range to try. Yippeeee!

It was on the whole a really good experience and hopefully I’ll get more invites to such events in future. The best part of all was that Chanel was not hard selling at all! Love it!

Okie dokey, that’s all for now. I shall start using the samples in the coming weeks before doing a detailed review of this range.

Btw, I wonder how this product compares to the La Mer moisturizer as the price range seemed to match. Do leave a comment below to let me know if you have tried the La Mer cream.


  1. coverts

    Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

  2. dooey89

    this is awesomeee (:

  3. elizaheartsmakeup

    Oooh so exciting! 😀 The goodie bag looks cute too! 😀

  4. John Kim

    That must’ve been exciting, was it because of the blog that they invited you?

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