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She Shops Makeup | May 29, 2017

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Bio-essence Bio Spring Water Review + Giveaway

I am a huge fan of facial mists. I’m going to do a review of the newest mist on the block. The Bio-essence Bio Spring Water.

Before I go into my review, here’s a quick introduction about facial mists and their uses:

For setting make-up:
My fave is the Urban Decay Dew Me. This is awesome for setting my make-up, leaving behind a dewy finish and taking away the powdered look. It also serves to make make-up more long lasting. I have a review HERE

For refreshing make-up on the go:
I always carry a facial mist in my bag. The main purpose is to refresh my make-up on the go. I have tried the Loccitane Rosewater, Evian mist and a recent fave – the Caudelie Beauty Elixir. Will do a review on this soon!

A couple months back, a new brand of facial mists started popping up at Watsons. The Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is not like any of the above mentioned facial mists. It claims to have so many beneficial properties – 20 to be exact! When I first saw the product, I have to admit, I was very tempted to buy but yet skeptical at the same time. It’s just that I have this thing about companies claiming a product has “MIRACLE” powers.. this is just too good to be true. To top it off, this product is not exactly cheap! A 100ml bottle costs $12.90.

So when I was contacted by the PR company about trying this product, I was thrilled because I can finally try out this product and see if it is really as miraculous as it claims. 

Here are some of the claims of the product. 

The above claims are pretty fascinating huh? Are you also feeling skeptical now? Let me breakdown all the claims and my experience from trying the product for about 2 weeks now. (Note, I have not used it consistently though – I use it several times on weekends and only twice a day on weekdays).

Mabel’s Review of the 20 Efficacies (Rating 1 to 5 with 1 being least effective and 5 being most effective):

1. Relieves dryness & split ends (Hair)
Review: Sprayed it to my hair ends, it works like most hair moisturising mist. It does seem to keep my hair hydrated especially for day 2 hair when the ends can get dry. 
Rating: 3

2. Moisturises for lustrous hair (especially for dyed hair)
Review: Similar to 1.
Rating: 3

3. Relieves tiredness and energizing:
Review: Well, I guess every spritz of water on the face will tend to wake anybody up. Right? But does the water make me energized? Hmm.. not sure about that.
Rating: 4

4. Reduce dark circles:
Review: The “before and after” pictures on the promotional poster of this girl being able to reduce her eyebags and dark circles drew me to this product so this was one of the claims I was most keen to prove. Sadly, it DOES NOT reduce any dark circles. Even high-end eye creams have difficulty standing strong on such a claim. 
Rating: 1

5. Reduce eye bags:
Review: Similar to 4. It most definitely does not work. 
Rating: 1

6. Controls oil:
Review: I have normal skin so I can’t really tell if it helps to control oil. 
Rating: 3

7. Whiten and Brightens skin:
Review: I have noticed my skin getting lighter than usual. Am not entirely sure if this is the cause but I haven’t switched up anything on my face apart from this spray so I guess it must have helped in this aspect. 
Rating: 4

8. Refines pores:
Review: I don’t really have visible pores on my face apart from my nose. Do I think it helps refine the pores? I think you will have to have enlarged pores to tell a difference.
Rating: 1

9. Relieves pimples:
Review: No impact on me since I don’t get pimples 🙂
Rating: 3

10: Lifts skin:
Review: Now this is one where I kind of thought it seemed to work. My face did seem firmer and slightly slimmer. I’m guessing this is Bio-essence’s forte since they have the V firming cream that I liked. 
Rating: 5

11. Relieves sensitive skin:
Review: Doesn’t really apply to my face but I did try this on my fingers (the ones I scratched when I slipped and fell in Japan). Fingers were scabbing but still sensitive and painful, a few spritz of this helped relieve the pain and seemed to help it heal faster. 
Rating: 5

12. Use after make-up for a natural look:
Review: I guess this is a no-brainer but, personally, I would advice against using this as a setting spray. The nozzle lets out too much water and I ended up with a face full of small and big droplets of water. Not cool! After much practice, it worked better. It’s great as an in-between touch-up makeup refresher though. 
Rating: 4

13. Sooths skin after treatment:
Review: Hmm.. not really applicable. 
Rating: 3

14: Moisturises and nourishes skin:
Review: It does a decent job in keeping the skin hydrated. 
Rating: 4

15: Firms skin with elasticity:
Review: Similar to 10.
Rating: 5

16. Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise (body):
Review: Never really tried this after gym but I’ve used this on a hot sunny day and it’s awesome for cooling down the face. Great for a day out in the sun or the pool.
Rating: 5

17. Sooths and calms damaged skin (body):
Review: Similar to 16. Why are there so many duplicated claims!
Rating: 5

18. Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin (body):
Review: Once again, similar to 16 and 17. 
Rating: 5

19 and 20 are for Babies: Ideal skincare for babies and soothes diaper rashes – of course I wouldn’t know that!! 

It is available at Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy island-wide. Comes in 3 sizes: 25ml – $5.90; 100ml – $12.90; 300ml – $28.90

Overall thoughts: I think it is a decent hydrating mist which is multi-purpose. Do I think it does miracles like what it claims? Nope. But I do like how it seems to have a facial lifting effect. I think they overdid it with the number of claims. There are too many duplicates and if they made it more believeable, I think it might be more well accepted. 

And now for the GIVEAWAY! If you are not convinced and are keen to give this a try yourself, read on abo
ut how to enter. 😉

Prizes: 3 travel sized bottles worth $5.90 each to be won. So, there will be 3 winners! 

Rules to enter:
1. Be a subscriber to my blog – you will need to sign-up for an Onsugar account which is really simple! (This is so that I can contact you if you win)
2. Leave a comment below on your favourite facial mist or simply LIKE this post. Real Easy!
3. Open internationally. 
4. Giveaway will end 8 Feb 2013

Do spread this to your friends and good luck!


Products featured were provided to me for consideration. I am not affiliated to the company and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. qywithglasses

    My favourite is Avene Thermal Spray but I would still like to give Bio-essence Bio Spring Water a try as it is suitable for my sensitive and acne-prone skin.

  2. icyabstract

    Very interesting and indepth review! Think I may give this a look for the lifting quality and hey if that doesn’t work out on me, I could use it to cool baby down on hot days. haha!

  3. lemonscones

    my favourite spray is from La Roche Posay! will definitely try this! 🙂

  4. natassjaz

    i love the Caudelie Beauty Elixir too! although sometimes the scent can be too overwhelming.

  5. dianaraymond

    so far I’ve only tried before avenue (not sure if I spelt it correct haha).. anyway would really love to try out the bio essence bio spring water!!!

  6. unikgal

    Thanks for the review. You have put in a lot of effort to rate all the claims! I have only tried Avene, which I think works great in air planes 🙂
    If I win this, I want to try it on my baby! hehe..

  7. llydiall

    my favorite is the evian spray 🙂

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