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She Shops Makeup | May 23, 2017

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Benefit The POREfessional [Review & Pictures]

I am sure no one is stranger to the Benefit pore zapping primer…. The POREfessional! My first ever primer was Benefit’s That Gal eons ago and I was pretty excited when they first launched the POREfessional years back but never did pick it up. Primers were never part of my core makeup routine because I am pretty lucky to not suffer from too many enlarged pores. 

However, in recent months, I started noticing pores surfacing around my nose, and it drives me nuts! I finally took the plunge and picked up the Benefit POREfessional a couple weeks back from Sephora. It now comes with a brand new packaging – featuring a Spygal zapping pores away with a zap gun. I was contacted a couple days back asking if I would like to receive the product for review. I thought.. why not! Since I have been using it for a while now with the one I got with my own $$$.  

The new packaging is so cute and it definitely made the product stand out among the rest on the counter. I believe the formula remains unchanged. Even though this primer contains silicone, it does not feel overly “sandy” like how some silicone based primers do. It has got a super soft and silky texture. Very lightweight and easy to blend. A little goes a long way so one tube of this would last you several months at the very least. The other good thing about this primer is that it is almost colorless and blends beautifully into my skin without leaving a white sheen or overcast like how some primers would. 

Yup, I found that it also helps to minimise fine lines on the face, particularly my laughlines. Woohoo!!! Now, let’s get to the real trial! 

P.S. My nose area is always super sensitive so it usually gets red after I wash my face.. Didn’t want to wait 20min before taking the before pictures :p

See the ugly PORES!?!? Yuck!!!

Now let the magic begin!!!

On the whole, I absolutely love this product and would most definitely highly recommend it!! The new packaging will be launched island-wide from 1st September. Each tube cost $48 but trust me, you want a smooth, flawless canvas to work on and this is one of the best out there!


What is your favourite primer? Do share!! 


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