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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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10 Promises to She Shops Makeup Bay Blog

Hello there!! Welcome to Make-up Bay She Shops Makeup! This is the blog that I had been procrastinating to setup (mainly due to laziness XD). I am so glad it’s now up and running. Now I guess I need to discipline myself to keep it as updated as possible. So, I shall pen down my 10 promises to this blog. You shall be my witnesses and jury, should I fail to fulfill any of the 10 promises in the course of the next year.

Here goes..

  1. I promise to blog 3 times a week.
  2. I promise to blog at least 1 tutorial a week.
  3. I promise to review the latest products I own.
  4. I promise to keep this blog as laid back and social as possible.
  5. I promise to tweet more often.
  6. I promise to constantly update the site’s layout and gadgets.
  7. I promise to love and serve this blog both as a hobby and job.
  8. I promise to not neglect my dog Juno because of this blog.
  9. I promise to not neglect my hubby and friends because of this blog.
  10. I promise to keep all the above 9 promises as best as I can.


Let’s review the promises this time next year!

Do bear with me as I am shaping the blog, I will continue to add quality content.

Next post: My top 10 beauty discoveries in 2010. Stay tuned.



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