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She Shops Makeup | May 28, 2017

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Unveiling: February’s Vanity Trove

Hello there! You should know by now that I am a fan of Vanity Trove boxes. Why? Because each month’s trove keeps getting better and better. I have been receiving these troves for months now and I have literally seen the company grow. It is no longer just a subscription beauty box but a community. 

I remembered when Vanity Trove first started, the website was extremely simple with just information of the previous month’s troves and subscription information. Now, the website has transformed into a little Beauty Community with beauty lovers like you and me trying out products and leaving reviews – pretty amazing!! A job well done Vanity Trove!

So let’s see what you can expect to get in February’s trove. Since February is the month of love (Valentine’s Day), the trove is designed to give you the most perfect glowing skin for that special day. 

All beauty skincare products, including a soap and fragrance! How thoughtful and wonderful!!

Phytomer Hydrasea Serum is a lightweight and ultra-moisturising serum that immediately melts into the skin. It’s star ingredient, Hydrasea is known for it’s exceptional power in restructuring the skin’s moisture. 

Made from precious plants from Yuan farm, Yuan soaps cleanse and protect the skin. The honeysuckle soap is wonderful for diminishing heat and dampness.

IDERM Placenta Serum. The secret ingredient in this amazing, silky smooth serum is the concentrated sheep placenta extract. A rich source of bioactive nutrients like essential amino acids, placental protein, SOD, nucleic acids and growth factors, the iderm Placenta Serum provides intense hydration to parched skin. Regular use will transform your skin, making it firm, smooth and clear. It will also dramatically diminish the appearance of age spots and pigmentation.

LoveMore is one of the most popular facial masks in Taiwan. For a protein-rich treatment that restores moisture, smooths fine lines and enhances your skin’s softness and radiance, try the French Caviar Mask.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. Formulated for Asian skins, this contains the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution that is 100% active. Once applied, it immediately targets deep set dark spots. The power-packed key ingredient, Activated C, has “anti-cluster” technology that breaks apart discolorations and prevents melanin clusters. Unlike traditional discoloration products, this solution is lightweight, hydrating and suitable for use all year round.

PURE DKNY. Indulge in a moment of calm to find beauty in living simply. Built around the scent of a single drop of rose, the new fragrance by Donna Karen marks pureDKNY’s continuing partnership with CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation that lefts women out of poverty.
I love rose scents and this will be my next carry-around fragrance to the gym 😉

ORIGINS Plantscription Anti-aging Serum. Researched for 5 years, the Plantscription Anti-aging serum delivers wrinkle-reducing power without the effects of photosensitivity  Formulated with Siegesbeckia and Rosemary Extract to rebuild natural collagen and elastin, it suits all skin types.

On top of all the above wonderful items, you also get a little booklet magazine which contains not just the information of products in the trove but also articles, makeup techniques and tips, and also vouchers!!

There are also exclusive treats specially for Vanity Trove members.

Sign the Beauty Peace Treaty and 3 lucky winners will get 500 credits to their Vanity Trove accounts 😉

Finally, if you have not yet subscribed to Vanity Trove but is keen to try it out, quote “Sheshopsmakeup” and get a free 2-step Beauty Diary Mask.

Visit Vanity Trove to join as a member. Remember to quote “sheshopsmakeup” for a free gift upon registration. 
Also visit Vanity Trove’s facebook page and keep updated with the latest in beauty.

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Thanks for looking!


Products featured were provided to me for consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Roxanne Chia

    I got the same things in my Feb trove! Will be featuring it also on my blog soon! 😉

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