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She Shops Makeup | May 27, 2017

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The Ones That Never Made It…

The Ones That Never Made It…

While I was going through my iPhoto library to clean out and archive photos to my external harddrive, I experienced a moment of deja vu. It brought me back to 2012 when I was spring cleaning my MacBook Pro. I’m talking about the many product photos that I snapped from all my hauls throughout the year. Brand new products that I purchased with the hope of blogging and reviewing, but never did!


I don’t know if it was deliberate, but being a beauty blogger sure has it’s benefits – a convenient excuse to buy new makeup because I “can” blog about it. Low and behold, I was too ambitious, hauled faster than I could blog! This happened in 2012, which resulted in moving all those photos into an “Archive – Not Blogged” folder. I didn’t want the same to happen again for 2013 photos, especially when most of my photos in 2013 were taken with my DSLR, it would be such a waste if they too, never saw daylight.


As such, I’m going to showcase some of the photos here. Leave a comment below if you would like a detailed review of any of these products. 😉

Never Made It 1Never Made It 2Never Made It 3Never Made It 4Never Made It 5Never Made It 6Never Made It 7Never Made It 8


Thanks for looking, hope you at least enjoyed the makeup porn here 🙂

Have a lovely week ahead!! 1 more week before my vacay!! Yippee!


  1. These pics are too beautiful to pass ♡♡♡ ; )

    • Mabel

      Thanks Fanny 🙂

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