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She Shops Makeup | May 25, 2017

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The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadows [Swatches]

Happy Sunday everyone!!

The Body Shop will be launching a new range of cruelty free eyeshadows later this week. These are the Colour Crush single eyeshadows with a wide array of colours ranging from striking neutrals, chic nudes, rich browns, fierce pinks, powerful purples, brilliant blues and my favourite… the gorgeous greens! It also has different finishes such as matte, satin and shimmery, one for everyone’s preference. 

I had the opportunity to try out 16 of the 30 colours from the range. Similar to the Lily Cole make-up range and all The Body Shop products, these eyeshadows are 100% cruelty free. It is free from bug shell extract which is widely used to colour products. The shimmers in these shadows are made from mineral mica and binding agents are all made from natural vegetable materials. 

Apart from being 100% cruelty free, these eyeshadows also benefit from a blend of Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, marula oil, honey, organic virgin coconut oil and sesemi oil. I remember being in the UK and my ex-boss was a huge advocate of only drinking coffee from fair trade coffee beans. I recall thinking that it would taste horrible since it’s Fair Trade, but was pleasantly surprised it was just as good any coffee out there. 

The Body Shop did it right with the packaging, keeping it slim and simple so that it doesn’t take up too much space in the makeup cabinet. 
There are 5 matte shades in my collection and I am pretty impressed with the quality and pigmentation of the shadows. 

501-Head In The Sky, 110-Sand By Me, 202-Chocolate Linger, 215-Coconuts About You, 310-Berry Cheeky

I personally love 110 for an all over base color as well as highlight and also 220 as a transition crease colour. 
001-Sugar Gaze, 305-Berry Cute, 301-Pink Crush

Thes colors are slightly frosty but have a satin finish. The pigmentation aren’t as nice as the neutrals and matte shades. The quality also isn’t as buttery but they are still pretty nice nonetheless. I like 001 for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. 301-Pink Crush was probably the least pigmented of the whole lot. I had to swatch several times over to get the colour in the above picture. 
The next 4 colours are very “Naked Palette-like” which is pretty nice. 

225-Brownie & Clyde, 201- Melt My Heart, 210- Bronze Bliss, 101-Golden Girl

The last group consist of greens and blues. 

605-Sweet Pea, 005-Steel My Heart, 415-Midnight Flirt, 515-Blue Over You

The colour Sweet Pea was one that attracted me the most because it was very similar to my first ever single eyeshadow – Juxt from MAC which has been discontinued. 

On the whole, I am quite happy with this collection, the eyeshadows are of really good quality and have pretty decent pigmentation. I will be doing a couple LOTD posts with these eyeshadows so do check back for those. 

These single eyeshadows will be available at the stores from 22 March at $19.90 each.

Hope the swatches were helpful and thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: Products were provided to me for my consideration. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. She Shops Makeup

    I know!!!! I got that from the press kit and was like.. Errr yucks! From bugs and insects…

  2. icyabstract

    I paused for awhile when I read that other brands used bug shell extract for the colors. *le gasp!*
    That aside, the neutrals do seem the most buttery of the lot!

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