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She Shops Makeup | May 25, 2017

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Review: OPI Black Shatter

I finally got my hands on the new OPI Black Shatter. I was searching high and low in Sephora but it was no where to be found. Thanks to Sophia aka The Makeup Blogette, I managed to find them at Robinsons!

I was there with a girlfriend of mine and we went totally insane. We tried out Shatter with as many different colors as our fingernails could hold. First of all, I love pedicure but am not really a fan of manicures, simply because I don’t usually keep my nails long. They make typing so difficult.. And also slows down my efficiency in texting on my iPhone.

You can probably tell from the pictures below that I am absolutely crap at painting my own nails. (I usually just get them done at the spa)

Trying out all the different combinations to see what looks good with Shatter.

Personally, I kinda like the it with white. Looks so artsy!

I ended up picking Shatter along with Show It & Glow It and Glow Up Already from the Burlesque Collection rather than the ones from the Katy Perry Collection. I actually like Teenage Dream but I think the ones from Burlesque looks better. But that’s just me!

I decided to play around with more colors at home so here’s the 5 colors I selected from my extremely limited vanish collection.

The OPI Black Shatter goes on Matt and dries super fast!

This is actually my favorite. Shatter with Show It & Glow It!

Look at how polished and beautiful it looks with Top Coat!

  • The OPI Black Shatter is a unique form of vanish that transforms your plain ordinary nail polish into something edgy without effort.
  • The formula dries up so fast you can wear it alone as a top coat for a matt finish look.
  • It is super versatile and goes with almost any color of vanish as you can see from the above pictures.
  • Seamlessly and effortlessly conceal any chipping of nail polish.


  • The texture of the OPI Black Shatter is pretty thick. You will need to be quick when you use it.
  • Application must be even, too thick a coat will result in it not being able to “Shatter”; too thin a coat will leave you streaks of shadow between the “Shattered grooves”.
  • Hard to find especially if you are in Singapore as they sell out super fast!


Personally, I really like the OPI Black Shatter. As I mentioned, I don’t usually wear fingernail vanishes because I just don’t like keeping my nails long. Also, I’ve got this pet peeve where I cannot stand the sight of chipped nails so it became a drag to have to wear them.

However, I am now a convert because with the OPI Black Shatter, a nail chip will be less visible as it will just look like a Shatter groove!



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