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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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Review: Lancome Rouge In Love 140B [Swatches, LOTD]

Lancome Rouge In Love lipsticks are finally here in Singapore. There are a total of 27 shades to choose from, 9 for each time of the day:

9 for Jolis Matin (morning),9 for Boudoir Time (afternoon) and the remaining 9 for Tonight is My Night (nite)

The formula of the lipsticks launched in Singapore are said to be less creamy and more sheer as compared to the ones in the USA. These are made in Japan and specially catered to the Asian community. I suppose it’s because sheer lipsticks are more wearable? 

Curious about the hype over these lipsticks, I made my way down to Robinsons a couple weeks back to try it out myself. 27 shades may seem like a large number of shades to choose from but it is actually quite easy to break down. What I noticed was they are practically divided into 4 big segment of colors – Pink, Coral, Brown, Red. The Jolis Matin shades are generally more sheer and lighter, the Boudoir Time ones are of medium intensity and the Tonight is My Night shades are most intense. 

I ended up swatching countless different shades of corals. They are all so similar!! It was so difficult to make a choice. I finally decided to go BOLD and choose a bright pinky coral color. Something so bright that will stand out in my collection. I chose 140B

My Thoughts:

  • Absolutely adore the packaging. It is so classy and sleek. Shorter than most lipsticks but oh-so-beautiful. 
  • Because it was quite sheer, I needed to apply a few layers to evenly coat my lips with the color. 
  • Very moisturizing and hydrating. No signs of peeling or dry lips after wear. 
  • Surprisingly long wearing of 4-6 hours. The best part about it is that even after food, it leaves behind a beautiful stain of the lipstick which is visible and lovely.
  • My only gripe is the price – $40!! Pretty pricey for a lipstick, but given the quality and staying power (especially the staining), I’ll definitely be grabbing a few more in time to come. 

Below are some swatches and LOTD with this lipstick:

Snagged from Instagram. As you can see, there is still color even after food!

Have you checked out these lipsticks yet? What is your favourite color? 

Thanks for looking!


  1. memoiselle

    I like this kind of shade 🙂 Very natural and flattering

  2. icyabstract

    The shade looks gorgeous on you!

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