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She Shops Makeup | May 27, 2017

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Review: Lancôme Eyeshadow Palettes + LOTD

Review: Lancôme Eyeshadow Palettes + LOTD

Hi there!

This is honestly an extremely delayed post! The photos have been sitting in my Macbook for a good 5 months (oops). I guess permanent items tend to get bumped out of the top priority queue of topics to blog about because they are less urgent. Besides the priority issue, I wanted to do a proper LOTD and EOTD with the palettes so that it gives you an idea of how you could use them and how they look on the eyes rather than plain swatches.


Hypnose Star Eyes – ST1 Brun Adore

This is a gorgeous 5 shade neutral palette that makes an excellent travel companion.







The palette has 2 shimmery shades (extreme left and right); 2 satin shades with micro shimmers and an almost matte black.




Let’s take a closer look at the colours:

  • Left – This is a shimmery taupe with hint of cool-brown. This colour swatches very well and is both buttery and blendable – something that’s not usually found in very shimmery eyeshadows. Though it looks very shimmery in the palette, it swatches much less intense which is good.
  • Middle Bottom – A satin champagne shade with some pink undertone. Very smooth and a really good all over the eye colour.
  • Middle – Satin medium brown shade. Again, lovely colour that’s great for outer corners of the eyes or for smoking out eyeliners for that natural sultry look.
  • Middle Top – Almost matte black – this was probably the most disappointing shade in the palette in terms of quality. The formula was a little too dry which causes the swatches to be slightly patchy. Then again, there aren’t too many good quality matte blacks out there which I can say are awesome. I would definitely take my time to blend this colour out.
  • Right – Shimmery golden champagne – This is another colour that will work well as an all over eye colour for that everyday girl next door look.


My Thoughts

I think this is a very good palette with quality shadows. The only gripe I have is that there aren’t more matte shades because I do like mixing different eyeshadow textures to give my eyes more dimension.


Hypnose Doll Eyes DO3 Menthe A L’O

This palette just screams out to me! It’s such a beautiful turquoise, blue, teal, aqua palette that’s so pretty to look at and so fun to use.





Similar to the Brun Adore palette, there are 2 shimmery, 2 satin and 1 matte shade in the palette.



The colours:

  • Left – My favourite colour in the whole palette! A gorgeous shimmery turquoise that is so soft and buttery. I can see this being a shade that you can use to blend out a dark green smokey eye look.
  • Middle Bottom – Peppermint green shade that swatches a lot lighter than in the palette. Still a beautiful colour that would look great for inner 1/3 of the eyelids.
  • Middle – Satin midtone blue with green undertone. This colour will work very well to blend out the peppermint green and turquoise. It would serve as a really good transition colour.
  • Middle Top – Matte navy blue – Once again, Lancôme does not do matte shades too well. This colour is slightly dry and patchy but not quite as bad as the matte black in Brun Adore palette. It’s a lovely shade to use as eyeliner. 
  • Right – Shimmery white. This shade has the most visible shimmers of all the colours in the palette. Again, it’s too bright and shimmery as a brow bone highlight. I would see myself using this only on the inner corners of the eyes.


My Thoughts

This is my only full-on green/blue palette in my entire collection and I LOVE IT! I probably would never create a look with all the colours in the palette but I do see myself mixing and matching the colours to jazz up my usual boring neutral eye looks.


Mix and Match LOTD

Who says you have to always use all the colours in a palette to create an eye look? Makeup is all about creativity where the face is your canvas with abundant possibilities. For the below look, I used a combination of both palettes on my eyes.






To create the look, I blended out 3 shades from the Brun Adore palette to create a smokey effect from left to right, focusing the darker middle brown shade on the outer corners to give my eyes a little more dimension. For a pop of colour, I used a combination of the turquoise and middle blue shade to line and smoke out the lower eyelid, joining it up to my eyeliner – which was the Lancome Artliner in Emerald. 


Here’s the full list of the products used for the look:




As I mentioned above, there aren’t any matte or less shimmery highlight shades between both palettes, so I used NARS Abysinnia as my brow bone highlight. As for the cheeks, it’s a beautiful bright orange shade also by Lancome. Shall reserve the blush reviews for another post, but first, a little close up on the beautiful colour 😀



More pictures of my LOTD 😀




Hope you enjoyed this post. Do share how you would wear a colourful eyeshadow palette. I would love to see your creations 😉


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