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She Shops Makeup | May 27, 2017

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REVIEW: Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl [Demo]

Review Overview

Ease of Use


Excellent product, if there's one curling iron you need, it's this one!

Hello there!

Here’s a video review of the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, or Miracurl (as known in Korea and USA). Like I mentioned in the video, I first saw this when I was in Melbourne and was very intrigued by the technology behind it. Since we use a 3-pin plug that’s different to Australia, I didn’t want to purchase it when I was there. I think Hair Warehouse was selling it for around AUD$220.

When I got back to Singapore, I had almost forgotten about this product until when I saw Tanya Burr mention it in one of her favourites video. So I started doing research and found that there were so many different types being sold on eBay and Qoo10 at varying prices, ranging from $99 to $300. (Pretty bizarre for such a new product!) I emailed a couple of them to verify authenticity but none responded directly to my query. Based on my research, I believe the Perfect Curl price should be at least SGD$350 onwards. So the websites that were selling it for half it’s price was just too dodgy in my opinion.

I also found a local Facebook page which was selling it for $300. I emailed the admin to enquire and he said he is a hairstylist and orders for his clients in Singapore. Waiting time was about 10-12 days. Again, he did not answer my query of authenticity. This was even more puzzling because I couldn’t be sure if the item was authentic even though it wasn’t set at a ridiculously discounted price tag like some other sellers. At the same time, I couldn’t see how he would be able to get it at such a cheap price. Even with trade discount, the Perfect Curl would still have cost £145 including VAT. If you include shipping and FX rates, I honestly don’t see how he would be able to sell it at $300. All this, plus the long waiting time of 10-12 days just put me off.

Anyway, long story short, I decided to order from the official website in the UK, since the plug is compatible to Singapore. I paid a total of £169 (including VAT) and had it shipped by Borderlinx and paid an additional £26 for it. Yup! Pretty expensive, but I got it within 5 days!! How awesome is that!?

Here are some close up pictures of the Perfect Curl:




You might think, why spend so much on a curling iron? My experience with electrical tools has always been that if you buy a well-made product, it will last you a long time. Just like the Enzo Milano Curling Iron that I got in 2005 back in the UK for £85. That was pretty expensive for a curling iron back then, especially when the FX rate was 3.2. But, it’s an amazing iron and it still does it’s magic today.

The main reasons why I got this were:

  1. I love acquiring unique new technology
  2. I want to be able to curl my hair without the fear of burning myself
  3. To be able to curl my hair in half the time so I can curl and conceal bad hair days




Let me try and answer some questions you might have in mind..

Is the Perfect Curl worth the big price tag?

TOTALLY! I can now curl my hair in under 15 minutes, something that has never been achievable with my thick hair.


Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is extremely idiot-proof, as long as you read and follow the instructions. For example, start with dry, combed hair; take a moderate section of hair and not be over zealous and take a big chunk.


I have seen reviews that says it’s not recommended for people with thick hair because it takes too long to curl hair.

This was one of the impediments that contributed to the delay of my order. But, I can assure you that it all boils down to the type of curls you want vs the amount of hair you take into the chamber. I find that if you twist each section before clamping the tool, it allows it to accept more hair, thus shortening the time taken to curl your hair.


Do the curls last through the night?

Yes! I personally have very stubborn and difficult to curl hair. With the Perfect Curl, the curls stay put throughout the night, even with Singapore’s humidity. I have also slept with the curls and woke up the next morning with very loose waves which are just so effortless looking and gorgeous. I would however recommend using some hairspray to keep your curls intact.


How do I order?

You can order it directly from and ship it using

I just found selling it for SGD394 with free shipping. also seems to have one for sale at $74.90 but it does have some difference to the one I own. Buy at your own risk 😉


Who would you recommend to get the Perfect Curl?

Anyone with long hair and is in love with loose curls but doesn’t do a good job with a normal curling iron.

Bottomline, I am in love with it and I know I will be using it a lot. Is it a MUST-HAVE? I don’t think so, especially if you are skilled in curling your hair with a regular curling tool. But it’s definitely an extremely good-to-have for people who want to curl their hair quick and easy.

Hope this has been helpful for you. Leave your questions below and I will get back to you.

Review Overview

Ease of Use


Excellent product, if there's one curling iron you need, it's this one!


  1. Felicia Gent

    Hi Mabel,

    Loved the review, can I ask what contact lenses are you wearing please? 🙂

  2. Vanessa Ng

    Hi babe,
    Thank you so much for your review.
    Just wanna clarify.
    Other than the ‘logo’ and ‘Made in PRC’ printed on the box, is there other stuff I can look for to ensure it is original?
    As I did a few research, some stated the original box has ‘UK Patent and Application Nos’. Is this true?
    Not to forget, few days ago I went to Far East. Some of the shops are selling Miracurl / Perfect Curl however the packaging stated Conair instead of UK Patent… So is it still consider authentic? :/
    Thanks in advance 😀

  3. Diana

    Hi Mabel!

    Do you think the babyliss sold in is authentic? Am just worry because in the official website of babyliss, they did not list the retailers of where we can buy this product from espc overseas.


    • Mabel

      Hi Diana,

      I think BeautyBay being a well known beauty destination wouldn’t be selling any counterfeits. Perhaps you can email them to double check?

    • Esther Ng

      I got mine from Watson At Taka. It cost @SGD229.00. Box and logo and quality of the packaging
      is the one that shown on the weB as well as the Demo in which Mabel Wong mentioned to look up for.
      Yes, it looks good and ok to me however it indicated made in P.R China by Distributor massmark.
      It been sold 6 sets everyday according to the sales girls. No bad feed back so far as per the Watson
      sales girl. So does it meant it must shown made in u.k then is good and not fake. Not sure but i known such a BIG Department store like WATSON can they not check where their products come from and the Genuine Distributor is? Plse have your comments

  4. elida

    I bought my babyliss pro miracurl much cheaper. I only cost $58. The curls last 3 days(ps: my natural hair is very good). I have been using it 5 times, it works amazing. I love it and definitely like this one and also recommend to all my friends. If you want too, get from and I used the code SAVE35% to get it by that price $58.

  5. S

    Hey Mabel!

    Your post is really informative, and as of today, Jeric Salon at the Ion branch is selling the Pro Perfect for S$259. But I’m rather skeptical about purchasing it from them as they are unable to confirm it’s authentication when I asked if they were buying it straight from the UK, they just explained that theyre buying the products from their own suplier, but didnt commit to saying its genuine.

    Im really interested in purchasing the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, and I was wondering how did you confirm that is an official website and that they are selling the authentic product? I think I would like to put my mind at ease that my money is not spent on a counterfeit. I was wondering if you could advice on what are the right questions to ask the seller so as to verify their autentication?

    Do hope to hear from you soon!
    Thank you!

    • Mabel

      Hi babe,

      I was also told that Jeric sells it much cheaper now! Not sure about the authenticity since I haven’t seen the new ones they sell. I have had quite a lot of readers email me pictures of the ones they bought for much cheaper and there are some differences – box, cable, instruction booklet, cleaning device.. One of my colleague bought hers from for only $89 and it seems to work great for her.

      I guess there are so many copies out there now that it’s hard to tell real vs fake. Also, perhaps even the fake ones are getting better! I basically did a lot of research and found that the UK website is the most authentic and it was what the UK bloggers claimed as well. If you saw my box and device, it definitely does look pricier and of much better quality than the copies.

      Ask them to show you the box – my box is a slide open like a drawer kind and is made of super good quality smooth matte surface.
      The cleaning fork like device that comes with the curler. A lot of copies out there do not include this.

      Hope this helps

  6. Hairina

    Mabel – I’m using Borderlinx thus I’m using the UK Suite Address for my Shipping Address for my purchase on the website, however I realised that the Billing Address does not permit us to input our Singapore Address, hence I just want to seek your confirmation that you input your Suite Address for both Billing & Shipping Address?

  7. nice make up tool. you can get 10% off discount by coupon code hotdeal10 on website: haircurltool.

  8. nice make up tool. you can get 10% off with coupon code hotdeal10 on website: haircurltool

  9. Josephine

    Hi! Can I just check with you, did yours come with a cleaning kit? (:

    • Mabel

      Yes it did. It’s a little fork shaped thing that is meant to stick into the coil to clean.

  10. June

    Hi there! Thank you so much for the heads up regarding the importance of the product’s authenticity.. I almost wanted to get it on qoo10 so lucky I didn’t. Anyway you did mention that Jeric Salon at Ion is selling this miracurler for $450, but I called them and they told me $280. Okay I’m a little shocked due to the price difference- would you have any idea why the price diff? I’m sincerely hoping theirs would be authentic though:(

    • Mabel

      Hi there! Oh!! They’ve reduced the price? Wow! I have no idea if it’s authentic.. I suppose a reputable salon wouldn’t be selling fake items ya? Actually, there seems to be more and more similar tools that are out in the market now.. I would suggest, if Jeric is selling it at only $280, go down and try it for yourself.

    • sally

      Hey june. Would like to know if you have bought this curler from jeric salon? Do they have the cleaning tools included also? Did u try it at the store?

  11. Xx

    Thanks so much for the review!

    I’m also very worried about the authenticity of the item and hence am not keen to buy from the local distributors and Qoo10.

    Wanted to ask you is there a warranty (for how long) for the one you bought from and what country was it made in?

    Also wanted your opinion on how does Borderlinx compare with vPost?

    Thanks so so much in advance!

    • sheshopsmakeup

      Hi there! I had a reader email me pictures of one she bought from another blogger locally and was worried about the authenticity. There were some stark differences in appearance but I think the biggest difference is the mechanism’s ability to “stop twirling” the hair in when the section is too big and gets stuck. My set would kind of beep and stop working, the barrel would reverse it’s spin direction to release the hair as well.

      There is a warranty for a year but it’s UK warranty. (fingers crossed that it doesn’t spoil). Made in PRC.

      Borderlinx is MUCH faster and cheaper if you can find a coupon code.

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