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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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New Onsugar App is now available!

Finally, Onsugar has got its own iPhone App! I was so excited I had to try it immediately. So what do I think of it?
What I like about it:
It is sort of a “one stop shop” for receiving notifications and being up to date of the latest posts. Very much like the “Stream”.
What I think can be improved:
The ability to blog on the go is very limited as you can see from the picture I posted here. You can choose either one of the categories and is limited to what the category reads – literally! For instance, I’m using Picture for this post and all I can do is post one picture with description. Much like Tumblr style.
Text will only allow you to write a pure text post.
In my opinion, the option to post on the go still has lots of room to grow. For example, the ability to add multiple pictures but not just in the Gallery style. Ability to control my fonts.
On the whole, I like how I’m able to read all my favorite Onsugar blogs in one place. This is the first step 😉
So, thank you Onsugar!! Muah!


  1. She Shops Makeup

    Ok I just saw the published post and I am in shock! What happened to all my paragraphs!? Argh!! So tempted to amend it but I think I’ll let you see the real deal.
    More kinks to be worked out Onsugar! Or are you moving towards Tumblr style?

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