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She Shops Makeup | May 27, 2017

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NARS Fall 2014 Collection

NARS Fall 2014 Collection

Hi there!

It’s already September! Gosh! Fall is indeed upon us! NARS has launched quite a warm fall collection this year, which is quite unusual for Fall collections since it’s often dominated by plum, deep, cooler shades.


I had originally planned to get this post up when I was in the Maldives since I brought the entire collection there to shoot, but the weather during the later part of my trip were terrible, so I didn’t have the chance to wear the shades and do a proper review with full face application rather than just hand swatches, since we all know that colours don’t always show up the same way on our face as they do on our hands/arms.






The 2 duos in the collection are really beautiful, the quality of the eyeshadows are impeccable, especially the dolomites duo as shown below!


It’s a shame I didn’t get the Dolomites duo to try out but I did get the new Multiple in Mauritanie and the Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore.

Mauritanie (Limited Edition)




This is described as a strawberry red, but I think it leans more orangey red with a hint of brown. Best of all, it’s matte, making it really lovely to wear on the cheeks on days when you just want to look dewy and fresh. As much as I love a dewy look, I prefer to use the multiple as a blusher base over foundation. This serves 2 purpose – it improves the longevity of my blusher and adds a warmth to my cheeks since I can wear a cooler light pink blush over this and still look fresh and not washed out.

4 new eyeliners have been launched alongside this collection. They are all part of the Night Series – i.e. super dark, sparkly and perfect for that Friday night out. 😉

I have got the shade Night Clubbing, which is a black with gold pearl. I’ve always loved NARS Larger Than Life eyeliners because they are so creamy and last all day. This is no exception. I really like how I can use this on my waterline, despite the gold pearl specks. They don’t seem to fall out and irritate my eyes at all. Big thumbs up!




Next up, the limited edition satin lip pencil in Mandore. I was so excited about this because it’s yet another red from NARS and a satin lip pencil which I was obsessed with months ago and still love from time to time. Check this post out for my review of the satin lip pencils. 

Mandore is a cranberry red with quality as beautiful as all the other Satin Lip Pencils from NARS. It is one true fall colour which would be perfect even for the cold winter.




Dual-intensity mono eyeshadow in Callisto


This is a new dual-intensity eyeshadow that comes in a new and improved magnetic sleek packaging. It’s still got that smooth NARS packaging on the outside, but less rubbery and tend not to attract as much dust and fingerprints. The packaging definitely brings up the “luxe” feel of NARS eyeshadows.

I had wet and dry swatches for this but I can’t seem to find my picture! Ooops! Fret not because I have eye swatches to make up for it below. When I first saw this shade, I didn’t think I would like it because the dry swatch with brush was pretty pathetic. It only picked up the shimmers and not the shade. And since I don’t like to dip wet brush into my eyeshadows, I almost expected this eyeshadow to find the bottom of my makeup drawer.

Couple weeks ago, I found myself reaching for me all week and really loving it. I used it all over my eyelids with my fingers! Yup, no brush required, good old fingers. Best way to use this is to dab the colour onto the eyelids and it provides the perfect fresh brightness to the eyes, just so I look awake in the mornings at work 😉


Let’s see these colours in action…




  • Dab NARS Dual-Intensity Mono Eyeshadow in Callisto all over the eyelid, concentrating on the inner corners and inner 2/3 of the eyelids.
  • Use NARS Paloma to add dimension to the eyes, focusing around the socket and outer corners of the eyes. I kept this very natural as this is my everyday look for work.
  • Lightly line the eyes with NARS Night Clubbing pencil and use a MAC 266 brush to extend the wing slightly.
  • Here, I also lined the bottom waterline and used a little Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita eyeshadow over the outer half of the bottom eyellid.
  • Lancome Grandiose mascara to complete the eye look.

Makeup used:






  • Using fingers, dab on some NARS Multiple in Mauritanie
  • Lightly contour my cheekbones with NARS Paloma
  • Finish off with NARS Taj Mahal blush over the NARS Multiple to “set” the blush colour in place.



  • Just NARS Mandore and nothing else.


Highly recommended items from the collection:

  1. Dolomites Duo
  2. Night Series Eye Pencils
  3. Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore
  4. NARS Multiple in Mauritanie






Did you pick anything up from the collection? Do share!

Thanks for reading!


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  5. Très belle première semaine de ton DD ! Comme toi, j'ai fini ma sttercuru, ne me reste plus qu'à imprimer mes photos et les coller (et peut-être si j'ai un peu de temps, quelques décos)

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