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She Shops Makeup | May 27, 2017

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Maldives – A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth

Hey everyone! A million apologies for the lack of activity. I know… I know.. I should stop making excuses for my laziness. Oh well, just a final one… I had a horrendous haircut about 4 months back – I kid you not, it was terrible to the point where I had to purchase a shampoo that stimulates hair growth after spending almost $500 to get my hair cut, permed and colored by Shunji Matsuo himself. I only went to him because my regular hairstylist cancelled on me last minute and I got pissed off. Sigh… lesson learnt – never make decisions on impulse!

Anyway, I have been shying away from the camera since that haircut. The only pictures I’ve got of my haircut were taken during my Maldives trip.

Maldives….. It is the ultimate holiday destination. This was my third trip to the Maldives and second time staying with the Conrad Rangali Maldives. It is THE BEST resort of all times. Pricey but absolutely worth every cent. It was perfect in every way, the service, the layout of the resort, the guests, even the way plants and trees were planted on the island. I shall stop rambling and let the pictures do the talking.

Our deluxe water villa

King sized poster bed, large bathroom, indoor bathtub overlooking the waters and an outdoor jacuzzi and sundeck

This is the main infinity pool on the Main Island. Conrad has 2 separate islands, one of which restricts children below the age of 12! WooHoo!

My favorite sunbed!!!!


Okie.. time to reveal myself with my horrendous hair…




One consolation though.. the curls do look good with hats..


The only underwater restaurant in the whole of Maldives. Amazing isn’t it?

How I miss the blue skies and white sand, and not forgetting the marine life. I recorded a video when I was there about what to bring to the Maldives. WIll edit it and upload soon!!!


Meanwhile, thanks for looking. Give me your comments about my hair.. Terrible isn’t it? I have since trimmed it and gotten rid of most of the curls so I look pretty normal again 🙂


  1. She Shops Makeup

    Genuine pearl jewellery? Hmm.. haven’t seen any though.. they are probably there somewhere but because I’m stuck on the resort, there is only 1 single shop..

  2. Flora Rouse

    OMG this place looks like heaven! And I love the fact they don’t let children under 12 stay at one of the islands (it’s not that I don’t like them, but a summer vacation is not the time for screaming and crying kids). I don’t think your hair looks bad in these pictures, when you said you’d got a perm, I imagined much smaller curls. That would’ve been horrendous, but I think these big ones, which look like waves only in the pictures, are actually nice. Oh, I’m so jealous of you right now. I wish I could go to the Maldives once. XO Flora p.s. Have you seen any genuine pearl jewelry while there?

  3. heavenlygorgeous

    OMG! The place is such a beauty!

  4. miwitch

    Haha! The way u say, stay afloat is the last thing I want, makes me think of something else.. ;p
    Yesssss i wana dive too to see wats living underwater, I been dreaming of it like since I was 6! Swimming with the sharks (fairytale kind of sharks) lolx.. THanks anyways for showing those beautiful pictures!

  5. She Shops Makeup

    Haha miwitch.. you don’t need to stay afloat to dive. In fact, that is the last thing you want 😉 You should give it a try, the world underwater is fascinating.

  6. miwitch

    Wow dive! Good for you, I cant even stay afloat! =p

  7. She Shops Makeup

    Thanks everyone.. ya it is truly beautiful… Can’t wait to go back again next year! Now that i’ve got my Advanced Open Water, I can dive in the deeper waters there.. yay

  8. miwitch

    OOOooooooooooooo AHhhhhhh~ Its soooo nice! I always dream of myself at those clear waters!! Hope to go there too someday! (without getting sunburnt!) lolx~

  9. elephantrunway

    Maldives has always been my first honeymoon destination! The pictures are sooooo beautiful! I can’t wait to go there someday!

  10. elizaheartsmakeup

    Oh my goshhh, it looks amazing!!

  11. fionanas

    Omg! no kidding.. its a piece of heaven! haha i tink ur hair looks fine, really!

  12. ladeekim

    The underwater restaurant looks amazing!

  13. madlynny

    wow so envious! the beach looks great! and i think your hair looks ok, probably with a bit of styling it will look better! don’t fret!

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