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She Shops Makeup | May 26, 2017

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Mad About Corals

Hey everyone!

Just thought I had to make this really quick post about my current craze for corals. If you followed me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have heard me going on and on about how I am recently extremely drawn to corals and peachy tones. Not just in blushes but even lip colors and nail polishes!

A couple weeks back, I picked up a bunch of Essence Nail Polishes from Watsons. They were just too cheap to pass. Tried them on for the first time yesterday and I have to admit, they weren’t of top quality – i.e. you can’t really put them in the same class as OPI, China Glaze or Orly but for the price ($2.80 for small bottle and $3.50 for big bottle), they are pretty decent. The coral color below was creamy and required 3 coats to achieve full opacity. I had to add on gold shimmer to it because I wanted to mask some of the patchy imperfections (which I’m sure was due to my still relatively noobish nail polish application skill or should I say, non-skill).

The gold shimmer on top of the coral creamy color reminded me so much of NARS Super Orgasm. Bright and Pretty!

Well, my obsession with Corals didn’t stop with the nails. I took it a step further and decided to match my make-up and outfit with my nails! Yup, very matchy-matchy, but I’m crazy like that! If I like something, I had to have it no matter what! :p

The irony is that I used to think that corals were so “auntie”. I guess it was the influence of my mom. I remember back in the 80’s and 90’s, she loved coral and orange toned lipsticks and blushes so that kinda stuck in my head and I tend to associate corals with the “retro” eras or mothers in general.

Guess not anymore! Besides, it seems that the Retro Beauty trend is quickly weaving it’s way into 2012, starting with the looks many of the celebs were spotted with at the recent Academy Awards. Of course, the usual A-listers looked amazing, but I was particularly drawn to the simple, slightly retro-ish, clean look worn by Emma Stone. The look was so simple yet elegant and I love it!

I had been wanting to do a full on tutorial of Emma Stone’s look, but decided to draw inspiration from this look and do a much more toned down version fit for work, while satisfying my urge to go Coral! So this is kinda like my trial session before the full on tutorial 🙂

The only peachy, corally type eyeshadow I had in my collection was from the Pop Eye Topper palette. So that was an easy choice! As for blush, I decided to go with NARS Gilda.

I know it isn’t really a true Emma Stone Look because I couldn’t flick my eyeliner as dramatically for work, but I promise I will recreate her look in a tutorial.

Which celebrity’s look do you like the most from the Oscar’s?

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