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She Shops Makeup | May 27, 2017

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MAC x Brooke Shields Part 1 [Review, Swatches & LOTD]

MAC x Brooke Shields Part 1 [Review, Swatches & LOTD]

This year, MAC partners with Brooke Shields to create a limited-edition colour collection of shades and finishes chosen by Brooke herself, inspired by her own favourite looks for day and night – easy, modern and beautiful. This limited-edition Beauty Icon collection is made all the more special with Brooke’s signature embossed on light grey packaging with brilliant orange accents.



In this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on 3 of the items I received and showing you a look created with them.





Before I go into the specifics of each of the products shown above, let’s have a little chat about this collection as a whole. As you can see from the first pic of this post, this collection is pretty complete, with eyeshadow palettes, cheek and lip duo, lipsticks, lipglass, brow set, brow liner, mascara, bronzing powder and nail lacquer. Wow! This must be one of the most complete MAC celebrity collaborations ever! And of course, because it’s Brooke Shields, we need to have the brow liner and brow set given her famous pair of prominent brows which she so proudly maintained when everyone else back in the 90’s had pin thin brows. Kudos to her because thick brows are all the rage again in the 21st century!





Every MAC limited edition collection packs a new packaging, but it’s often the usual MAC black classic packaging decorated with a colored decal or sticker. This collection however, has a whole new look and feel. Everything is encased in this muted grey magnetic packaging that is so sleek and pretty. The packaging feels very sturdy and classy. I particularly like how the eyeshadow palettes have a transparent see-through top so you can quickly make out the colours in the palette without having to open everyone to check or check the labels at the bottom.


Range of Colours

The entire collection is very wearable, whether it’s for school or work or a night out, though you would need that 15-palette to create a pretty smokey look, which I will share in another post. I think the colours are quite spring-summer-ish.. but hey! We don’t need to be in the season to wear warm colours right? Especially not here in Singapore where it’s practically summer all year round.

I like how she’s got a good mix of bright and neutral shades, right down to the lipsticks and lipglasses.

On the whole, the shades are quite pretty together and though they are not all that unique or out of this world, or even new to MAC, I have to say they are definitely colours that you will wear on a regular basis because they are so easy to mix and match.


Let’s get to the individual items…



Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow – Mortal S$75

This eyeshadow palette would be the one most people would pick out of the 2 Pearlfusion palettes. As the name goes, it’s a pearlescent palette with 5 very wearable eyeshadows.

Though the transparent top packaging is lovely, I have to admit I’m not a fan of teeny weeny strip eyeshadow palettes like that because it’s such a pain to get some of my fluffier eyeshadow brushes into each strip without picking up the colour in the neighbouring strips. The worst were the top and bottom most strips as they are the narrowest of the bunch.




L – R:

1. Pearly white with a hint of pink. This shade is a typical browbone or inner corner of the eye highlight shade. It is very similar to Kevyn Aucoin’s Candlelight highlighter. You might be able to even use this to highlight your cheekbones if you can even pick up the colour in a big fluffy brush.. guess that would be a challenge given that this is one of the thinnest strip in the palette.

2. Shimmery beige – A typical inner half of eyelid type of colour which I like using to add dimension to my eyes by popping it forward so that I can fake a deeper crease with a nice contrasting shade in the outer corners.

3. Shimmery peach – This is my favourite type of all over eyelid colour. On days when I don’t want to wear too much makeup but want to look alive, I would just pop this colour all over my eyelids. I’m so glad this was the fattest colour in the palette because it will be the most used one!

4. Shimmery copper – this is quite a nice warm copper shade that would work nicely to deepen the crease or all over the eyes for that neutral smokey look. My favourite way to use this colour is over pencil eyeliner. It’s great when smudged over messily applied eyeliner because it creates such a sultry eyeliner shadow type look. Hard to explain but I will do a look this way and show you at some point!

5. Shimmery mauvey taupe – There was a time I used to love taupes, but even back then, I wasn’t a big fan of taupes being shimmery because taupes are awesome as transition colours so they should ideally be matte. This is however quite a pretty shade that has good colour payoff, again, the strip is so thin it annoys me to try and dip my brush in to get the colour onto the brush. I think you have to be careful when using this shade as the shimmer can make your eyes look swollen if not applied properly.


Overall thoughts of the palette:

It’s quite a nice wearable palette, great packaging. Colour payoff on these shadows are very good, as with most MAC eyeshadows. Every shade is pretty wearable on it’s own or together, although I would prefer if there was one matte shade in the palette. Get this if you don’t have a nice neutral palette that you can easily use to whip up a look without cracking your brains up about it.





Lipstick – Danger (Cremesheen) – S$42

This is a MUST-HAVE!!!! It is a gorgeous bright orange red that applies so smoothly and is very hydrating, as are most cremesheens. The pigmentation in this is impressive, especially for such a creamy lipstick. Of course, don’t expect it to be fully opaque with one swipe like a matte lipstick, but at least this is not sheer and it is true to it’s colour in the bullet.

This lipstick retails at $42 rather than the usual $33 for a MAC lipstick because there is more product in this (4.04g as compared with 3g) so you do get more for the additional moola and seriously, you would want that because it is a beautiful shade.


IMG_5723 IMG_5722



Lipglass in Artful – S$44

This is a beautiful mid-tone coral shade that can be worn on it’s own for a very natural soft hint of colour or worn on top of a lipstick to add a nice pouty sheen. I know this is gonna sound crazy but I love the lipglass scents. It’s this vanilla scent that drew me to buy all the lipglasses back in the day when I used to hoard MAC lipglasses, before I discovered lipsticks! haha Here are some swatches of Danger and Artful.




And here are some of the looks I created and wore to work with the items shown in this post.




I use all colours from the Mortal palette on my eyes. Although every shade in the palette is shimmery, they don’t look overly shimmery when applied onto the eyesand I totally dig this warm shimmery look. Didn’t go with an eyeliner that day because I wanted to show the palette as it is and I find that sometimes a distinct liner can totally overpower the eyeshadows.





These pictures were taken just before I headed off to work, so it’s definitely a collection that is fit for everyday use 😉

Hope this was helpful in helping you narrow down some items you might need to get from this collection 🙂


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