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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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I Received My Sigma Make Me Up Brushes!

Guess what arrived in my mailbox today????

Yup! It’s my package from Sigma Beauty! It actually arrived much faster than I expected. Took about a week to arrive. And this is via International shipping from the USA to Singapore! Woohoo!!

So.. here are some pictures of the package.. I haven’t put the brushes to the test, but I have run them all through my fingers and they feel Oh-So-Good!!

As I posted in my previous entry, I ordered the Pink color set of brushes. They were so professionally packed with no dents whatsoever.

It came in such a cute little box!

It’s got all the contents listed on the side of the box

Isn’t the case just beautiful?

Yea.. I wanted to show how “fresh out of the oven” it was and left the plastic covers on.

This is about the only brush that I thought was slightly less than perfect.. you can see strands of the brush sticking out.

The brush box had slight tear or defects near the button too T__T

My free gift!! A travel size shader brush. Get yours too using this link to place your order!

Kind of like an instruction manual for the brushes. Love it!!

Brush cleaning instructions!! How cute is that?


I can’t wait to start using these brushes. On the whole, I am extremely satisfied with the service and the quality of these Sigma Brushes.

If you would like to get a free travel size brush with your order, be sure to buy using this link.

Disclaimer: I purchased the brushes myself and am in no way sponsored to write this blog post.

Follow my blog for further updates on these brushes and more beauty tips!!


  1. She Shops Makeup

    I have been using them for a while now and am loving them. Personally, I only find the big powder brush and the stippling brush to be scratchy. The rest are fine especially after you wash and condition them properly

  2. junkieofbeauty

    are the brushes scratchy? Coz they are quite well know to be rather scratchy..

  3. She Shops Makeup

    @syila slakers: I chose normal shipping and was surprised at how fast I received the brushes. There was actually a tracking number too.

  4. syila slakers

    Hi! I just ordered this too. Did you select express or normal shipping?
    cant wait for it too arrive ! =)

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