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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Are you guilty of using your dirty unwashed brushes over and over again? I used to be! Until I broke out slightly about a month back due to reuse of a dirty foundation brush.

It is extremely important to keep your brushes clean. I highly recommend spot cleaning daily (if you have the time) and give them a thorough wash once a week. This is extremely important especially for foundation brushes since most foundations are either liquid or cream and they tend to adhere to the brushes and are harder to remove using daily spot brush cleaners.

You don’t really need any highend cleaners to give your brushes a spa. All you need are some household items and of course, the discipline to wash them once a week.

Here’s what you need:

Olive Oil

Baby Shampoo

Antiseptic Handsoap

A plate or art palette

Pour equal portions of baby shampoo and antiseptic handsoap onto your plate and a small portion of olive oil at the corner.

Baby shampoo is used because it is milder than normal shampoo. However, it does not have antiseptic and antibacteria properties which you require. Thus, the reason for an antiseptic handsoap. But, by using an antiseptic handsoap, you run the risk of drying out your brushes. To counter that, we need to use some olive oil to condition the bristles.

Points to note: Dab equal amounts of baby shampoo and handsoap but just a small tiny amount of olive oil. You don’t need too much olive oil to condition the bristles of the brush. The first time I used this method, I failed terribly because I was being ‘kiasu’ and used too much olive oil. It resulted in the bristles being too oily and attracted ants!! So, just a tiny bit will do!


Once the brushes are all washed, rinsed and clean, lay them down to dry.

This Sigma Dry N Shape system is really useful for keeping the brushes in shape and ensuring that it dries within 4-6 hours. Sometimes even shorter! You can purchase this at $29.90 from HERE.

Finally, watch the video below for the full tutorial!!!

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  1. She Shops Makeup

    @Tuyet Thanks! I used to hate doing so as well.. but now I find it quite easy and convenient. For the sake of clean brushes and less skin problems, I’ll do anything! :p

  2. Beauty and the Scientist

    I hate cleaning my brushes but I like your idea of the art palette.

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