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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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Haul: Urban Decay Naked 2, MAC, Seche UV System

Hey everyone! Yesterday was the official launch of the highly sought after Urban Decay Naked2 Palette at Sephora Ion Singapore. I was devastated that I missed out on the launch because they were giving away a deluxe sample of the primer potion with every Naked2 Palette purchased. More importantly, I was afraid that the palettes might be sold out before I had a chance to get one for myself!

Having spent the whole night thinking about it, I decided I had to have it NOW! So, I crawled out of bed bright and early (yup, on a Sunday!) and trampled to Sephora Ion at 11am. It’s gotta be my lucky day because there was still stock available and I got myself one!

As always, Sephora’s my weakness, no matter how hard I try, I hardly ever leave the store empty handed or with just one pathetic item in my shopping bag. This morning, I told myself I shall just swing by and pick up the Naked2 and nothing else. Alas, you would probably have guessed, I picked up a few other items on my way to the cashier! Sigh…

So, apart from the Naked2, I also picked up a MAC cremesheen glass from the MAC Daphne Guiness collection and the Seche Ultra V system.

This must be my first MAC purchase from a new collection in months! I think my last “collection” purchase was Wonder Woman. All other subsequent collections just didn’t appeal to me.

I was pretty tempted to get the pro-longwear lipstick in the collection but restricted myself to just one item. Thus, I chose the Cremesheen Glass in Narcissus which is a pretty bright purplish pink lip gloss. It’s not really a color I would normally wear but it’s so pretty and I think it would be great as a layering gloss to a more muted lipstick.

As you know, I’ve recently been pretty into nails for the first time in like… forever! So I’m going through a phase of collecting some essentials to play around with while trying out nail polishes. I have been using the Poshe quick dry top coat for a long time and it’s great but it gets very gooey after a while and makes application so difficult. So, I have been on the lookout for a new topcoat. Right… excuses!

Anyway, on my way to the cashier, I chanced upon the Seche and China Glaze counter and there it was, right in front of me, the solution to a new topcoat system – it was the Seche UV System.

The UV Lamp was $69 and the Topcoat was $25. This is probably overpriced as I can probably get them for less online, but hey! it’s opportunity cost. I could have them now and start using them tonight! 🙂 Yup, I’m simply terrible at psyching myself to buy something that catches my eye.

It’s pretty interesting, rather professional-ish with the UV lamp and all. I shall put them to the test tonight!

I shall do a full review of the Seche UV system after I’ve tried it.

As for the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette, I will dedicate a separate post to it so stay tuned.

Have you tried the Seche UV system? Any thoughts?



  1. lacedivory

    Hey, you might like to check out Shellac by CND too. I tried it when I was in France and it works great. 😉 (

  2. She Shops Makeup

    I read that the topcoat can be removed by any regular nail polish remover which is convenient. Yea double Yay! to Naked2. My friend just texted me to scream because it’s out of stock :s

  3. the makeup blogette

    how do you remove the topcoat? I was rather intrigued by that when I saw it at Sephora too.
    and yay to naked2! 🙂 I got some mini samples when I bought my palettes, but I don’t think you missed much in terms of freebies.

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