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She Shops Makeup | May 24, 2017

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Glittery Nail Cocktail

Hi gorgeous! It’s been a really lazy Sunday afternoon so far.. Got up at 11-ish, had brunch, took my dog Juno for a walk, had ice cream for tea and just waiting around to head out for my brother’s birthday dinner tonight.

If you follow my blog or videos, you would probably know that I hardly ever use any nail polish on my finger nails. I love painting my toe nails because that’s just good etiquette, but because my fingernail colors chip so quickly, I simply cannot be bothered, though I love them whenever they are painted.

Plus, I am terrible at painting nails, especially on the left hand! Anyway, I was bored today and thought I should play with this nail polish set I got from a drugstore in Japan during my trip earlier this month.

It’s super cheap and doesn’t really have a brand to it. However, it’s one of those funky nail designs that you can do-it-youself. It even came labelled with “A, B & C” and instructions on the back of it, so even if you can’t read Japanese, the pictures speak for themselves.

If you live in Asia, you would probably have seen such nail designs on a lot of gel nails or nail art offered by Manicure bars. This trend started primarily in Japan where the girls adore everything cute, from glittery nails to 2D and now 3D nail art and designs.

Personally, I am not a fan of nail art, the 3D ones in particular. I find them over-powering and chunky. Besides, they are often accompanied with extremely girlie designs which isn’t really my style since I prefer the professional, classy and classic look. BUT, I love glitter on nails.. Yeah, mildly contradictory, I guess, it really depends on the overall look of the nail design.

Anyway, that said, I thought these 3 mini vanishes I purchased were really cute and subtle. And because they are glittery, it means that I probably do not need to be too skillful when applying them.

Here’s my result:

My nails are probably too short to bring out the beauty of the colors and design but I really love how it turned out. It’s so easy to apply, simply follow the picture instructions and Viola! I guess I can probably improve on the graduation of colors with an additional coat at the tip, but it was done in under 20min. 🙂


  1. She Shops Makeup

    Lol! Yeah.. I guess it’s a personal thing.. I made that comment with yellowish, brownish nails in mind which I think are gross. Hah.. To be honest, I was never really a nail polish person.. I’m too clumsy to keep my nails chip-free!

  2. peppersasen

    About “I love painting my toe nails because that’s just good etiquette”, I never heard that one before. My parents actually enrolled me to a charm school (you know, finishing school) and they taught me it was rude to paint my toenails a different color from my fingernails (like if my toes are black, my fingernails can’t be pink). But I’ve never heard that NOT painting your toes is considered rude. Thank you for sharing! That is very useful information.

  3. She Shops Makeup

    @Runwaytoparis Thanks hun! 🙂

  4. Runwaytoparis

    Lovely colours 🙂

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